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first time of cooking today!

well i am going to be cooking the kids dinner in a minute the other half has been taking care of it since i started the diet but he is out tonight so it is my turn. so i am sitting here with my shake and a pint of water to fill myself up before i get out there and start cooking!
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There wont be a bother on you, make them something you dont like ;)!! I cooked breakfast this morn for my parents as i always do on a Sunday and i feel far stronger now, wait till you see, youl be grinning like a chesire cat come 8pm xx


I will do this!!!
Soon food wont bother you in the slightest. Just think what would you rather... eat a plate of food that wont be as nice as you think or lose the weight you want to and look and feel great :)
thanks i let ya know in hour once it done
iv just cooked a roast, but it does not really bother me anymore it would be nice to have some but id rather shift the weight first!
thank you i am going to go and cook kids tea and feed baby bbs xx
I have found cooking gets easier - I think of food as something thats nice but not for me at the minute!
now that is a good way of thinking of it snowie i think i use your saying too. xxx
I DID IT!!:party0011:i managed to cook them dinner!! ok there was a split second where i wanted to nick a chip out of habbit i think but i didnt so pleased with myself!!


I will do this!!!
Well done :)
thank you hun xxxxxx
Well done for resisting temptation! It does get easier, honestly!

Yesterday I cooked hot dogs and chips for my youngest and her friends at her birthday party and wasn't in the least bit tempted. We also baked cakes for the party earlier in the day and it didn't bother me. The urge to be slim is much stronger than the urge to eat food at the mo!

good on you missy. I seem to have the common curiousness with food, watching come dine with me and looking at cookbooks, i always did but i think i enjoy it more now! Must be the forbidden fruit element.
must be hun i just glad i managed to do it hehe xxxx
well done. I also 'tested' myself last Thursday evening and cooked banana cake with lemon cream cheese frosting for a colleagues birthday - it felt really good to bake it knowing I wouldn't be eating it but giving it to someone else. I watched while everyone else at work got so much pleasure from it and that alone was pleasure enough for me..... I did feel like a bit of a feeder though!


Love God; Love People
That's the spirit! If you feel tempted, imagine the food all plastered to your body, yuk! You'll be fine, you're stronger than you think.xx
Couldn't have expressed it better! You can do it. I feel smug (yes, smug!) now every time I fix the kids dinner, watch 'em eat and then virtuously toss the leftovers in the bin. The number of times I've done that over the last several weeks.... and to think that all those leftovers could have gone effortlessly down my throat and been stuck all over my hips and round my waist if not for LT!

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