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First time putting in my before and after Pickies



Oh bless you Frances! But I assure you I have at least 2 stone to go....but I can recognise myself today. Spent the day with my sister who is also on CD. We popped to the shops and I jumped out to grab something and she stayed in the car, when I got in the car she said that though she had just spent the day with me, she saw someone in the rear view mirror and thought 'I better not run over that lady when I reverse' without realising it was me, my own sister didnt recognise me, cos I had got skinnier and she'd 'not updated her files'

I am chuffed with that, at this rate I will get back the body from my 20's by Christmas
Great result!!!!
Lynne x
Bless you all for your nice comments...a nice birthday prezzie xxxxxx

angie-'slightly smaller'-bum:wave_cry:
Angie, you are an inspiration, you look so amazing... do you mind if I ask how tall you are? sorry to be cheeky, just would love a point of reference as I haven't been slim in my adult life and am trying to get an idea of a realistic goal weight, I'd be over the moon to look like you :) xxx

Sarah x
That's very sweet of you to say. I am 5 feet 8 and a bit. Have a large bone stucture, probably the largest a girl can get! have wide shoulder and broad back, was 10.10 when a teenager, but too skinny. Can get away with about 11.7 -12.7, at those weights I am about a size 14-16
I don't want to get too small as I think at a certain age you have to make a decision if you want a tight butt or a nicer face. I think I need to lose about another 20 lbs. At that weight I have more defined cheekbones and quite nice legs! Good luck with your weight loss
Thanks Angie, that is soooo helpful, I am a smidge under 5' 8" and the last slim weight I remember is around 10st 4lb, I was about 18 and a size 12 then, shortly after I had my daughter, she is 21 now :/ and i put on 6 stone immediately, the rest followed over the last 20 years or so.. :( I have always been curvy - and at the moment have my ticker set for 11 stone but will be flexible when i get towards the 12's as I know i am going to look very slim then :)

Thanks again, it really helps as we are all different and the weight guides never tell you what you will look like!!

Sarah xx
I just want to be a sensible BMI, want to be trying for a kiddie next year and didnt want to be a starting weight of 17 stone! Good luck Sarah! It really is a life changing event losing this weight, I couldn't do it any other way, I had given up hope I could ever lose weight, so so pleased now
I wish you every success with getting pregnant, my chidren are 21 and almost 3 :) so I have a big age gap, they are both amazing though and the light of my life - I also have grandson who is 2 this month so it's babies everywhere here :)

You are so inspiring and the same as you I have never lost weight like this before and I have tried EVERYTHING I was in the process of getting a loan for a gastric band when I stumbled on Minimins and CD - am I happy I did or what!!!

Good luck with your last few pounds, keep us posted :)

Sarah xx

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