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    Hi all,

    Didnt know if this was the right forum to post in, if it isnt please feel free to move it to the correct forum.

    I am a 23 year old guy from the UK, and I really want to lose some weight quite quickly to be trim for my university graduation. Im 5'8/9 and weight just under 12 stone. I know that isnt extreme, but im fed up of constantly having the spare tyre and slight man boobs, I know I could have a good physique and long term I want to work towards that, but for now I need advice of a healthy way to do that.

    My graduation is in 3 weeks so ideally id like to lose between 7-12lbs by then for my grad photos, grad ball etc. Now my dilema is I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) a while back and havent had the surgery yet so am very limited to what gym work I can do, so its almost wholey restricted to diet. I can do some bike work and upper body weights though. Essentially i know nothing about the body and what is the right thing to eat. Im dont really eat sweets but im addicted to the naughty foods, sandwiches, takeaways etc.

    So for the next couple of weeks I have the time to make an effort and eat right, almost crash dieting to eat pure healthy stuff and then do some work out stuff to compliment it. Any advice? Im basically going to do a huge online shop so i have all the food in my fridge/freezer so I cant be lazy. Also any advice on weight loss at the gym that you think I could do would be useful. Help me lose my spare tyre and semi man boobs!

    Many thanks in advance for whatever you can offer me [​IMG]
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    Congratulations on your forth coming Graduation.

    It is probably best to ask your doctors advice about your "Man Boobs" as a doctor should know for sure if it is a case of hormones causing your "Man Boobs" or perhaps that you do really need to lose a couple of pounds and tone up with some exercise.

    Either way for health reasons alone it would be no harm to cut out the take a ways as they have a lot of fat in them and salt.

    Include whole grains, vegetables, fruit and lean meat into your diet and daily exercise like you said you could do.

    Also cut out the alcohol as there are a lot of calories there as well that you don't need and one of the main causes of bear bellies in men.

    By making some small adjustments to your diet and life style you could easily lose 7lb over the next three weeks.

    Here is a link to SlimFast Recipes which are very tasty and easy to make.

    SlimFast - Recipes

    All meals are less than 600 calories each.

    For a man of your age and height you should be consuming around 2,840 calories a day.

    Anne Collins Calorie Calculator

    Please try and not to worry too much about your weight and go and enjoy your Graduation as you have worked hard to get this far and you deserve now to enjoy your big day.

    Love Mini xxx
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    Here are my top 6 weight loss secrets:

    1. Eliminate (or cut way back) meat, dairy (esp. cheese, butter and ice cream) from your diet
    2. Have one meal per day be a big salad and make your own salad dressing from mustard, a bit of honey and red wine vinegar. Have a slice of whole grain bread (no butter) with your salad
    3. Drink nothing but fresh water--no sodas, and cut way back on beer or wine or other alcoholic beverages--and drink nothing that contains high fructose corn syrup
    4. Let your snacks be low calorie such as pretzels, apple slices, grapes, carrot strips. No fast food (too high in fats, sugars, and salt)
    5. Eat a good breakfast such as oatmeal, whole grain cereal and fresh fruit
    6. Walk or swim or do a treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes 4-7 times/week
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