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  1. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Hi all, my first ever attempt at Juuud despite being a constant yoyo dieter mist of my life. I read Ali's diary last night just by chance and it motivated me to start.

    I'll full in more details about myself later but am commuting at mo & need to get some info for today!

    I'm starting today on a dd (it suits today) so qs are:
    Can I do dd today/ ud Wednesday/ dd Thur/ ud fri,sat, sun & dd Monday? Will that be ok?

    Also I had homemade butternut squash soup in freezer that I've brought with me. Just squash, onion, red chili & chicken bovril. Would it be ok? How would I count it?

    I work in politics & am in middle of an election campaign so mental time keeping at moment..hoping this will be perfect diet to give me that flexibility. I've a LONG way to go..5 stone at least :-( but here goes nothing!

    Thanks for listening/helping!
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  3. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi Amo and welcome to JUDDD. Ali's diary is a great place to start, she's great motivation. I can't really help you with your days, I do day on day off so not sure how 3 UDs in a row would go. Should be ok though as it works for those doing 5:2.
    Your soup sounds fine but the only way to count it is break it down into its component parts and add them up, dividing as required for portion size. Soup is great for DDs. You will find your own way of going and of managing DDs, some people (like me) find it easier to wait as long as possible to eat (about 4p in my case) and then have all 500 cals in a short time. Others find it easier to eat small amounts through the day, entirely up to you. Drink lots of water/green tea/coffee to keep you going.
    This diet is hugely flexible to lifestyle and it's the first one I've tried (and I have tried LOADS) that I think is sustainable long term. Good luck!
  4. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Thanks a million Kittybling.

    It's no 1.50pm and I've had nothing except a litre of water and a half bottle of Coke Zero. I have a pack of instant noodles here that say they are 173 calories for the full pack cooked to instruction. I was going to have them and a 62 cal Azera cappucino for lunch then maybe a ready meal around 270 cals later?

    I looked at the JUDDDD site and it says not to eat ANY real food for the first 2 weeks...have people here done that?? I don't want to go down the shakes/bars route.

    I've measured my inches today so I'm going to use that as a more accurate measurement of my progress than the scales as I realise the scales will fluctuate
  5. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    I ate food right from day one on both fast and non fast days....all that matter is the calories and sticking to your fast day limit . Your plan for the day sounds great. You are best to just weigh once a week due to the bouncing scales which can mess with your head! Good luck :)
  6. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    I did shakes on DDs for the first couple of weeks but found that harder. Psychologically if nothing else it's much easier to have real food and it is amazing what you can fit in to 500 calories! DD food sounds good, I use weight watchers ready meals quite a bit, some of them come in about 220, add a load of veg and it's quite a filling meal.

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  7. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Thanks a mill for the help ladies!

    So I was getting a headache there and I had a bowl of my homemade Butternut Squash soup that I had in the fridge in work. I put the entire recipe into MFP and it came out as 426 cals for entire thing, I had just over 1/2 so I've allowed 350 cals for it. Feel great now after eating it. I ate is very slowly and with a litre of water and I feel very confortable full and really pleased with myself.

    Could this actually be the answer I've been seeking? Could it?! I love the idea that if there are social engagements etc I just roster my days to suit. Usually at the start of any diet I'm thinking sure I have such and such on the 10th, then xyz party on the 15th, then its easter etc...ah what's the point sure I'll never stick to it! Whereas with this I will just DD on other days those weeks! Seems very doable to me.

    I'm planning on taking a nice long walk home this evening (about 2.5 miles) butI won't strainmyself, more a stroll than a power walk but it's something and will mean I'm away from the fridge as well!

    BTW..MFP seems to have set my calorie goal very low. 1249 per day? that really does seem low for someone of my wight (245lbs)
  8. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    That does seem very low for your start weight. (If you multiply your daily allowance in MFP by 7 to get a weeks worth, then take away 1500 for your 3 DDs and divide the rest by 4 you'll get your calorie allowance for UDs)
    This is the first "diet" I have ever done that I can see being sustainable for life so yes, this could be it!
    I did have terrible headaches for the first week or 2, real stinkers but those have settled now. I'm glad your DD is going so well for you.
  9. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    There is a JUDDD site where you can put in your age, height, weight, activity level and it works out your fast and non fast day calories. It's basically your TDEE on UDs and 20% to 35% of it on a DD to lose weight. I think most people on here just stick to 500 for a DD and there is a huge variation of how much people have on an UD. I'm kind of out of step with most people in that I'm not a fan of mfp (...I can hear the gasps of horror!!) I think the guide it gives is too low for me personally....though I know I'm probably the odd one out. From what I've read fasting works well and is sustainable because you are giving your body all the calories it needs every other day (TDEE) so it is happy to burn fat on fast days and lose you don't need to diet on non fast days for it to work. Of course you can if you want! I choose not to as I know I'm in this for the long haul and don't want to get diet fatigue. I think UD calories are a personal choice with what you are happy with, just don't go too low, too soon would be my advice. I'm sure other people will tell you what they do and how it works for them....that's the good thing....there are no hard and fast rules. Hope your day has gone well.
  10. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Hi all, thank you so much for taking the time to help!

    Today has been fantastic. I had the butternut soup for lunch took my 35 minute walk from work . Had a black coffee with 1 sugar (hubby out it in without thinking) then had 2 tbsp of baked beans with one scan bran smeared with a laughing cow light triangle.

    Feel great & have taken myself off to be with my new book and will look forward to brekkie tomorrow. I'm thinking granary bread, peanut butter, jam & banana!!! Yuuummm

    Does that sound ok?!
  11. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Oh I meant to say..I was on the 5:2 web page and used the calculator. So my TEED thingy is 2209 which sounds more realistic.

    So..if I eat 500 cals on 2 dd and my normal roughly 1800 on up I should be coming in about 10,000 a week roughly 4,000 less than recommended. Surely that should give me loss?! If it does I might stick to 2 dd?
  12. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    That all sounds fine, Amo, well done on getting through your DD.

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  13. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Morning all. UD today, breakfast was as predicted granary bread, sugar free Peanut Butter and Low sugar jam with a chopped banana! So delicious. Though strangely I wasn't as starving for it as I assumed I was going to be. Didn't have it until around 10am.

    I was in the local Tesco this morning and they have a new range in and one of them is a shepards pie that is huge, seems to weigh a tonne but the whole pie is only 273 calories!!

    My qs is...I've had a look at few pages and some are saying that on fast days there should be no carbs? anybody follow this advice or is it a case of once my calories are below 500 it doesn't matter how I get them - but the fullness would be obtained more easily from high protein foods - but it's a choice??
  14. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    It's just the calories that count in my opinion. I know some people feel their bodies cope badly with carbs and that's why they cut them out or reduce them. That's just their personal preference though. You can tailor it to suit yourself what foods you chose to eat on a DD and if protein rich foods satisfy you more then go for it. I personally don't see carbs as evil and have them freely on all days. For me soup is a saviour on a DD :)
  15. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Just calories for me too although I am off bread for Lent at the moment. Aside from that I don't worry about carbs at all.

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  16. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Thanks folks!

    So my ud was pretty sid I think...I was not at all ravenous as I thought I would be and I didn't snack at unusual for me.

    Brekkie 2 large slices granary bread spread with sugar free p/butter & jam with chopped banana. (Though i was shocked at the total cals when I put into mfp so I'll have to make changes to that for next ud) 62cal cappucino sachet

    Dinner: work canteen, chicken & veg pot pie, 2 roast spuds & veg with few dollops of mango chutney

    Supper: 1/2 bag chippy chips 1.5 slices of bread spread with real butter.

    I figure I've hit roughly 2,100?

    Dd tomorr. I've been to Tesco & M&s and got plenty of ready meals. Cottage pie tomorr at 263 cals will be dins. 100 cal soup for lunch. I'll likely wait till 2pm for soup seen as I've eaten late tonight.

    Am I on track /making sense?!
  17. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Sounds good to me yes! All on track, well done. Enjoy your DD, I'm fasting today too. So much easier than UDs!!

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  18. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member


    So it's now 6pm & not one morsel has passed my lips. I'm off home now to have my 263 cal pie with pile of Cauliflower & peas and that'll be it for the day.

    Found today shockingly easy. I had my soup in the fridge for lunch but honestly didn't need it so I didn't bother!

    Really feeling very happy with this plan. A good result on Tuesday morning weigh in and I'll be a convert for life!!
  19. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Sounds like a great day, hope Tuesday brings a result.

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  20. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member


    My diary for today. Tucked up with my book now! Feeling very happy with myself!!
  21. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Ud done ! Very successfully! I found my appetite was far less than normal and I really didn't have the desire to stuff a load of crap into my face! Are what I wanted just really didn't want too much crap.

    Was out for coffee & cakes with OH and my parents and we ordered lots of cakes to share..I took a slice of a rocky road bar and had a slice of pizza. Didn't feel I 'had' to devour it all. It really was the empowerment of knowing I could if I wanted rather than the usual internal turmoil of 'should I shouldn't i, I want it but it's too many syns etc'

    Had homemade creamy cheesy lasagne with salad, garlic bread & glass of red! Not a 'diet' tweak in cottage cheese white sauce! Proper lasagne!!

    Loving it!

    Had a sneaky weigh as well & I'm 4.5lb down since Tuesday..and that was after an ud!

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