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First week and a little disappointed

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by *_*cupcake*_*, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Hi all I started doing sw last week and ate really well also done exercise 3 times but when I came to weigh myself last Saturday I had only lost 1 pound. Previous to this I were healthy eating and exercising but felt I needed to be a little more strict. Do you think maybe because I want eating an awful lot before thats why I didn't have a great loss? Also tmi but I have the implant and don't have a period but had very bad pmt for the last 4 weeks such as bloated and appetite oh and moodswings galore. Could this possibly be why too! I'm not letting it stop me from trying although had a binge weekend as felt pooh from only losing a pound. Today is a fresh day so staying again today :) wish me luck xx

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
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  3. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    It could be a mixture of everything, water retention from exercising and having the implant etc, I lost 3lb in my first week but my second week I lost under a lb!

    Dont feel bad, the scalea are goig the right way so thats all that matters x x

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  4. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    Aww dont feel bad and please dont let it get to you. I lost just 1.5 in my first week so totally get how you feel. Sometimes it takes us a while to get our bodies to kick start. Good luck and stick with it. You're doing great. x
  5. Beautyxx

    Beautyxx Full Member

    If you have a disappointing loss on a week without knowing why, sometimes it better to look at the month. So keep going and then when you have been going for 4 weeks look at the overall weight change and then divide by 4 to get your average weekly loss and see if this is better. I take a mini pill and I don't get periods, but I still find I have a 'cycle' so it could well be this.

    Exercise can affect a weight loss if you feel physically sore when being weighed. If you exercise to the point of feeling sore then you muscles take on water to protect themselves. Some in our group that have done a boot camp style workout the day before weigh in have had unexpected gains but they were still in pain when on the scales, so their muscles had water in them. If you are not sore when being weighed then its unlikely to be this.

    Also please consider how much your diet may have changed and remember sometimes our bodies need a few weeks to adjust to a new diet and digest things efficiently.
  6. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Dont be too hard on yourself I only lost 2.5lbs in my first week and everyone else had 4-5lbs loss. I still only manage to lose 1lb a week now but i think to myself the longer it takes to come off the longer it stays off and when you on the larger scale 1lb a week is 52 lbs in a years which isnt bad going.
  7. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Thank you for all of your replies :) feeling alot better about it now...I think im just eager as I get married in june and want to look great and also off to thialand in September. But I guess a pound a week is better than giving up and putting on a pound a week :) xx

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
  8. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    A lb a week will be nearly 2 stone by june!! Slow and steady wins the race :) xx

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  9. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Thats very true I didnt think about it like that :) feeling good after a 100% day at work...this is normally where I give in but had
    Green day
    Breakfast: weetabix hex b milk hexa
    lunch: ryvitas hexb slice of ham 1syn and extralight cheese triange (didnt have all of my milk so used this instead)
    Ww yoghurt
    Snack: alpen light bar 3syns
    Tea: unsure as of yet but thinking either omlette and mushy peas or savory rice with quorn pieces :) xx

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
  10. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    I understand how you feel!
    I was hoping for a nice big loss too. My consultant says its quite common to lose slowly at first.
    Hope you are pleased at your next weigh in.
  11. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

  12. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Ahh okay thats interesting, I think like I said I were cutting down and healthy eating before and to go to more carbs and bigger meals maybe thats why too. We will get there :) xx

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
  13. xxnatilyxx

    xxnatilyxx Full Member

    a woman in my group only lost 1/2 pound in her first week in her 2nd she lost a whopping 6 1/2 lbs in her second week!! keep going im sure you ll get success xx
  14. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Wow thats great I hope that happens with me...although my sabotage at the weekend may not have done me any favours lol feeling very possitive as had a 100% day yesterday :) x

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
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