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first week and no loss :(

Hello it's my first week and i'm due at class tomorrow. Weighed myself today (and I know my scales are exactly the same as sw) and have lost nothing. Am totally gutted as have followed it 100%. Have done slimming world successfully some years ago, but the last few years I've done it I've not lost.
Before starting sw I tried an eating plan with very few carbs so am now worrying that the carbs I'm now eating are making me gain weight!

Really worried about going to class and being told I've lost nothing :(
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bye bye baby tummy
If you go and have lost nothing then im sure your consultant will be full of help
Make sure you have filled in your food diary


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First of all you don't know what the scales will say come WI. Your weight goes up and down naturally from day to day so what they say today, even if they are exactly the same as the SW ones, bears no relation to what they will say come WI.

Secondly, if you were on a very restrictive diet immediately before coming to SW then yes you may put on when you start introducing all food groups again. If that happens then at least you will know the reason for it. If the worst comes to the worst, accept that the gain is just part of eating normally again and be confident that it will come off again once your body has acclimatised.
Speak to your SW Leader and show them your food diary - it's what they're there for! I remember first time I joined SW (this is my third time!) I didn't lose a single bean and was gutted as I'd had such a great result first time round. Turned out it was my * week, and was classed as a "week skipper" - the weight loss wouldn't show until the week after.

Hope it goes okay, fingers crossed for you!
I never lose in my first week. Never have no matter how religiously I follow anything. I always show results the second week.


bye bye baby tummy
one more thing... my scales always told me i was lighter then i was then the sw scales (I was gutted to find i wasnt 13 12 but 14 2) and one week i weighed myself as i felt fat and it told me i had put on 2lb and these scales had always been kinda... omg i was a state

then i went to meeting and i had lost 1lb
I too joined SW after being on a very LCD. My first week I lost 2lbs. To be honest I was dissapointed because I had been 100% but think the fact that I had come from a non carb diet to a high carb diet meant my body needed time to adjust. As I had 3 stone to lose I was expecting a hefty loss.
But weight loss with SW i think should be slow and steady and Im sure u will notice a good loss next week. :)
Hey, don't give up..I know soem people ahve stellar losses the first few weeks, but not all of us..I only ever lost a lb a week the first few weeks..you WILL get there and the diet WILL kick in and work.

I agree with the others about the scales too, home scales just aren't reliable..mine either show that I've not lost anything when I have (most often) or that I've lost more than I actually have (just the once)..both equally unhelpful, and I have two pairs!

As someone says the only reading that counts is the official one, all else is sinking sand so don't rely on it.

You may be very pleasantly surprised!


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Good luck for your weigh in today...

As others have already said, step away from your own scales! They are not the scales you first weighed in on so why use them midweek? Everybodies body is different and it works in mysterious ways sometimes... If you dont see the result you want, stick with the plan, this site is proof enough that SW really does work x


Watch this space...
I put on 2lbs my first week but lost 8lbs my second week.

I think it takes a while to get the hang of things and for your body to get the hang of the new diet too.

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Do not want to sound harsh, but stop weighing yourself at home. Look what it is doing to you - you are torturing yourself! Plus, it means you are paying somebody a fiver to do a job you have already done yourself at home - pretty pointless really.

Weight fluctuates daily, even hourly! So you do not know what the scales are going to say at WI.

Also, it could just be your body re-adjusting itself to the new diet. You may not have such a great week this week until your body settles down. Once it does so, you may see a greater loss the following week. Everyones body works in different ways.

If you are going to stick to the plan 100% then you need to stop weighing yourself at home. The 'rules' are that you are weighed once weekly - so stick to them.

Carry on food optimising 100% and I'm sure you will see some great results. Good luck! xx

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