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First week done and I feel the same

Well after re-joining last week tonight is my first weigh in, I've been confident all week as I would say i've been 99.9% on plan all week.

Except that I dont feel any 'thinner' like i used to when I've had a good week, in fact I feel really bloated, my trousers are hurting and just not good :(

Does anyone else ever feel like this but then the scales show a loss?? I've been expecting a loss because of how good I've been but now I'm worried. Maybe it's just first weigh in nerves but not sure.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm stressing now :cry:

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This week I felt like that, as a target member I would've been pleased tbh but I ended up losing 1.5lb lol

Don't worry about it, my first week was weird too - I lost 2.5lb in my first week :)

you will be fine! good luck x
Everytime I went to weigh in I always felt like I hadnt lost a single pound, but after weigh in I always lost something! Usually for me, when I DID feel thinner I STS or put on a pound! Our bodies are strange things.

Good luck!
Thank you xx I shall try to block it out then until I actually get on the scales tonight. Keeping everything crossed that my hard work has paid off. I'll let you know how it goes.

Our bodies are strange things, I've had it before when you think your on for a good loss and you get on to find you've gained 0.5lb, ggggrrrr it infuriates me!! LOL

I feel like that sometimes , and i dont think how you 'feel' reflects how much you have actually lost
the only thing I will say is are you possibly a bit constipated ?? I got really bunged up ( sorry TMI) my 1st week and that made me feel really bloated . and now I make sure i take something every week to keep me 'going' .. it surprises me with the amount of fruit and veg i now eat .....


Will be slinky!
I felt like that the first week! But had lost 5 lbs! Week three i felt really much slimmer and had only lost 1 lb! So don't worry about it :) You could just feel a bit bloated and bunged because of the change of diet :) Good luck!
im on week 2 had my wi tuesday and i felt like i hadnt lost anything, turns out i lost 1.3lbs! (which ive been told is good considering i was on*) sorry tmi! :eek:
but now i feel like ive lost loads and feel thiner!
its all in my head i think!
u will be fine! good luck and let us kno
Well it was all in my head I'm 4lbs lighter!!! \very much doing a happy dance now yay!!
I've lost 1/2 stone so far but don't feel much different yet. I've noticed my clothes getting looser, but I don't think I look any different. Still waiting for that moment when someone notices!
Thanks for all the above :)

I have to say now I know I've lost I do feel thinner, I think I must be going mad to be honest lol!! Just goes to show that I can convince myself to feel bigger or smaller, moral of the story is the plan works & if I stick to it the scales will show and I just need to have faith!!


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