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First week nearly over but so down


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Well nearly completed the first week of my restart ( I did this diet a few years ago and kept most of the weight off except for a recurring stone!) but I have been so depressed on it. This weekend has been hell. I have PMT I think awell, but Ive had such a terrible migraine for 2 days and just feel so stressed and negative about everything. Im hoping it will pass and its just the PMT but I am thinking of only doing another week just to get a few more pounds off. I only want to lose just over a stone so Im thinking i can loose the rest slowly then? Has anyone else felt like this on it? Cant stop craving bombay potatoes either :( xx
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What your feeling is natural and in the beginning I think we all have felt the way you do at some stage. If your migraine isn't clearing then take tablet form paracetamol & drink plenty of water. For the first two weeks I felt bad, some days worse than others and found myself snapping and loved ones and being moody - I'm assuming its normal because a few people on here have commented on the mood swings, sleep it off would be my advice. As for feeling down try to think positive or do things that make you happy, see people that make you happy? I found writing a list of all the reasons why I wanted to lose weight was a big help.. I then looked back on it every now and then when I felt down and it gave me the kick up the bum I needed. I do not know whether or not you have had your first weigh in since being back but when I had my first weigh in it totally changed my perspective on this diet and made me carry on. I was always a believer that I would be a failure at this diet and that I was only going to be on it for a month or so but here I am 11 weeks on :) you CAN do it!! This forum is great when your feeling low, just come here and post for support. X x x
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aw honey, stick with it, last week for me was much the same and it has passed... dust yourself down and brush off the doubts, say positive mantras in your head, have a long bath, mouisturised, do your nails, hair and makeup and smile x imagine yourself the wieght you want, go looking for clothes online in the style you want to dress in, go fo a walk.. keep busy, and drink water lol xxx hope you get through this and out the other end x


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it's hard to stay positive when you're feeling crap, a migraine for 2 days is horrible and i hope its gone today :eek: when we're feeling rough we turn to food as a simple distraction and comfort but with lipotrim we can't so blame lipotrim for making us feel bad but its not really, its just something to blame for us suffering! If you get migraines you probably would have got it anyway even if you weren't on lipotrim. when you feel better it hopefully won't seem as bad and going by your stats you're so close to your goal it'd be a pity to refeed now, you've only another week, two at the most to get to goal. we know you can do it, you just gotta believe in yourself :)


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 1st7lb(12%)
Thank you so much girls. Feeling so much better today. A bit euphoric actually! Think it was just my hormones really playing me up. PMT again! Thank you for your kind words and good luck with your journeys :) xx


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Glammam, I can't tell you how many times I've had PMT during my time on LT! It's so great when the hormones settle and you get over the hump as it were. Sounds like your migrane has gone which is fab.

Best wishes

Kay x x x
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Great to hear you're feeling better! :)
I'm feeling exactly the same, this is my first week on lipotrim and I'm feeling rubbish, hate that I'm snapping at my family because all I can think about is food.
I've got my first weigh in on Friday and I can't help but think I'm going to end up eating before then and ruin the last 5 days, I've read that I could eat a small peice of chicken if I get absolutly desperate, but I know I'm gonna kick myself if I do.
I'm just hoping ketosis kicks in soon otherwise I don't think I'm gonna last :-(


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Ketosis will kick in soon anytime now and you'll feel loads better! Full of energy and then you'll be re-energised again when you get weighed and see how much you've lost! Keep on in there- you can do it! Xx

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