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first week of lipotrim!!


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hi everyone :)
i'm a newbie to the forum so would like to introduce myself!!
i started LT on monday and so am on my 6th day.. its been a week full of up and downs! was just wondering if this is normal? days 1-3 i was really hungry, bad headaches and terrible cravings and mood swings.. i bit my mums head off because her and my dad were having roast chicken for tea! wanted to give up every day, but managed to stick to it, even going to the pub with my friend and watching her drink wine while i stuck to bottled water!! now on day 6 i suddenly feel really positive about the effect this weight loss will have on my life :)
does it get easier as time goes on and do the food cravings ease?? i feel a million times better today than i did on days 1-3 and i'm hoping this feeling lasts!!
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Hey natters and welcome to the forum
Yes it definitely gets better and you've gotten over the worst few days.
I'm on 3rd week and am feeling great so keep going and you'll have a great 1st weigh in and that'll motivate you no end.

Keep drinking loads of water and try mixing shakes with crushed ice they are yummy.
Good luck x:):)


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Hi natters welcome. Well done on getting through the 1st few tough days. LOL at biting mums head off for having chicken. It's tough but you will get used to it. I go through phases whereby I cant feed the family enough and then at times I say to my husband your'e eating again. I tend to watch people eat now sad hey. Anyhow keep up the good work xx:)


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hiya sounds to me you have got over the worse you may find you have some food cravings, but if you make sure you drink your water, you find that you are not really hungry its a great diet with great results if you stick at it. :D:D


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S: 15st7lb G: 11st9lb
Hey Natters welcome aboard :D ...as all the above posts say you're over the worst of it now, good luck on your journey ;)


on the up lol
Heya and welcome ;) well done for getting through this far......... yes it gets a lot better :)
Hi Natters
Well done for getting this far it really does get easier and this forum is important for support and understanding. It can feel lonely when others are eating and carrying on as normal when we are struggling so just read through the posts it really does help.
leanbean x


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Natters (love the name). Sounds as though you have gotten over the worst of it now, roll on weigh in no 1! That will really spur you on.

The cravings do get easier and I also like to see what people are eating and also enjoy cooking. It gets so much easier the longer you do this.

Keep your goals in mind and stay focused. You've done brilliantly up to now and I look forward to seeing your first week's loss on Monday.


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Hi and welcome. Good luck on your journey hun, you are definitely over the worst few days and things do get easier.


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Hi natters, welcome to lipotrim, I am re-started after a few wks off and cannot wait to get that brilliant feeling of wellbeing that you get.....well done keep it up and I am sure you will have a great first loss! :)


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Hi Natters, well done on coming here, its the best place to help you. Become a feeder and cook for everyone else, it will make you look smaller!!!!:8855:


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You're definitely over the worst now. Your losses will spur you on from week to week. Let us know how you get on! x

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