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first week on slimming world


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I was eally excited to start my first week of my slimming world diet. I think ive done really well and followed the red and green days to the letter, not haveing more then one syn a day to.

Today was my first weigh in only to find ive lost nothing, im really gutted as people keep saying your suppose to lose quite abit of weight in the first week.

Is it ok to stay the same week in your first week, or could i possibly have gone wrong somewhere? :-(
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it could be the fact youve had no syns not sure 100% but some one else will be along soon.

stay positive and im sure next week will be fab:flirt2:


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If you've not been having your syns then I'm afraid you've not been following the plan to the letter. Many people make the same mistake, thinking that if they cut back on syns they will lose weight more quickly. As you've discovered this is not the case.

It's important that you eat all your HEs, between 5 and 15 syns a day, and fill up on free foods. You might want to post a food diary so we can check it out for you as well, just to make sure you're not making some of the more common newcomer mistakes.

Check out this thread for some more info:

But most importantly - don't give up!
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Thanks for the info, it really was useful and makes alot of sense, im going to increase on the syns each day and persist with it. Ill keep thinking positive thoughts and hopefully next week will have more joy.

thanks guys:flirt2:


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sorry to but in on ths syns thing but i never ever ever have any syns and im still losing weight, 19lb in 5 weeks and my consultant sed u have not got to have your syns if u dont want to xxxx


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we have been told to have our syns or we're not following the plan. I know the syns certainly help to make this plan a long term healthier eating plan that I can stick to, without the syns I'd be off scoffing cheese and bread and drinking wine and piling on the pounds again.

Good luck for this week, hope you lose a few pounds:)
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I agree that you should have your syns. They are there at the begining to help you feel you are not missing out on any treats etc, but as your weight loss slows down nearer to goal, what are you going to cut back on to help you achieve that goal if you haven't any syns. It will mean you have to cut back on portion size and/or up the excersise and that won't be good. Although some people seem to loose weight quite happily not having syns to begin with, I wonder if it won't come back and bite them in the long run. My advice is Syns are incorporated for a reason so use them.


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Halo when I first did SW I stuck to it rigidly the first week - just free food and HE's (no syns) and I didn't lose a thing! But from there on I added some syns and kept to be plan and in just a few months lost the two stone I wanted to lose. Don't lose hope as sometimes it takes a while for your body to work out what's going on. But once it does it'll be downhill all the way!! :D

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Thanks for all your comments, they are all very positive, as of yesterday i have been adding some syns into my daily food, and have increased to about 6 a day, may even add some cheeky biscuits with my tea. fingers crossed for my weigh day on saturday.

I must admit even though i havent lost in my first week im determined to carry on to see how it goes, i feel much happier that im not having to count caleries anymore.


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i know how you feel. since april i have lost just five pounds. some weeks i stay the same and others i lose and others i gain. how have you been finding the slimmingworld diet to follow. i havent yet started any and am interested how people find things
I think so far its a great diet, im loving not having to have the weighing scales stuck to my hand everytime i make something to eat.

Im being able to eat more foods which i like without feeling guilty like pastas, rice noodle, qourn and meats. Im loving being able to have a cooked breakfast (planned out well) which before id only have once a year abd now if you plan it well im had three last week and it was great.

Im usually one of the people that sit and work and cannot help but think about food all day as im always hungry, but not now with the amount of food i take to work with me (all free items) ive had to get a bigger handbag to carry it all in lol. (thats what i tell myself, being that i have an obsession of buying bags lol) I have been feeling so full i never thought it would be possible.

Ive only been doing it a week so far, but i have a really strong feeling this is going to be one diet ill be able to stick too :D
With the extra easy plan, the minimum amount of syns you must have a day is 10. The maximum is 15. Not sure on original and red as I have never done either of those plans.

I would say if you have a lot to lose (like me) then it is vital you have all of your syns, as you will need them to keep you motivated and also when you do finally get to those last few pounds to lose, it is then you can cut back on the syns slightly to shift them easier.

I know lots of people who have had very little syns and have maintained or even put on. Also as others have said, you must make sure you are eating all your healthy extra's.

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