First Week On Slimming World

Hey Everyone,

I have started slimming world, as I am 21 years old and fed up of feeling down about my body.

I have been going hard at it for a week, and was unable to weigh in due to the snowfall.

I am now into my 2nd week, and celebrated by belated 21st on Sunday (and had what I fancied, and didn't think about the diet)... although, that meal was all I ate that day (nothing else).

I had a sneaky peak on the scales befoe the meal and to my surprise I have only lost 1lb!
How can that be? I know the scales are different etc, but I am now really upset. As I have worked hard to stick to the diet.

I haven't been using my syns often, and have been eating my free foods.
I cannot exercise as I just had my appendix out. I also didn't eat for 6 days when in hospital and lost about 2 stone in weight, and then weighed in the day I was discharged (so I could kick start my diet).

Do you think I haven't lost much because of the diet, or perhaps because my body was in starvation mode and is now storing everything I eat?

Please help me! I need to stick to this!:sigh:
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Firstly, don't trust your scales as they will be different from the ones at SW!! I wouldn't weigh yourself at home at all if I were you as you'll get confused! Secondly, if you have only lost 1lb that is still a weight loss, and you did say that you ate what you wanted/forgot the plan on Sunday for your Birthday (which is fair enough- it's your 21st!!) so the 1lb sounds like a good loss to me!! I lost 1.5 lb on my first week and had been angelic and stuck to it 100%! I was a bit disappointed but I kept at it and stayed positive and now 11 weeks later I've lost 18lb which I'm thrilled about! Banish all ideas of a quick fix, stick to the plan, eat plenty, save syns up for a big event (you're allowed to have a life!!) and the results will soon show! Good luck!!X


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You're body's been through a lot these past few weeks so it will take a while to settle down - just bear with it.

Stick to the plan (which doesn't mean only having one meal in a day! it may have been an off plan meal but you still need to eat regularly - mumsy type nag over :-D) and the weight will come off BUT accept that your body needs a chance to get over everything.

As you say, you can't exercise at the moment and this is the sort of weather when your body will store what it can. You may only be showing a 1lb loss (bearing in mind it's not wise to trust your own scales) but think how much ON that would have been if you hadn't been on plan.

Pleasse don't be too down on yourself. That will be a surefire way to give up as who wants to be miserable all the time in realtion to food.

Just enjoy eating free food (and allowed sysn) etc and it will all work out fine xxxx


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Hey dont worry i got weighed in docs and it said i only lost 1LB but got weighed yesterday and lost 5.5 x


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Chin up and keep going! And make sure you go to your next weigh in xx