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First Weigh in experiences

I've got my first weigh in tomorrow and Im really nervous! I have stuck to the diet really well and feel pleased with myself, but if I go to group and I've stayed the same or put on I'll be really upset!!!!

What happened in your first week? Did you lose anything? If you did how much? (sorry for being nosey!) xx
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Hey hun.. i was the same for weigh in the first week as its a new plan and u dont know what to expect. i lost 4.5 pounds my first week and have lost 1st 2 lbs in 6 weeks! :D
try not to worry im sure u will be coming back tomorrow with great news...good luck xxxxxx :)
Thats excellent! Thanks so much, I'll let you know how I get on! xx
I had my first WI last week and lost 6.5lb :)

I wasn't sure I'd lose anything because it felt like I was eating a lot and I was nervous like you, but it was fine.

Good luck for tomorrow :)
Fantastic stories! Hope Im as good as you!!! x
Hi, good luck with your first weigh in. I lost 3.5 in my first week, i was hoping for around 4 or 5 but every bit counts. :)
I am sure you will be fine hunny - I felt similar - really anxious - but I lost 7lb in my first week - if you have stuck to the plan you will have lost weight no doubt about it!

Good luck x
I lost 9lbs at my first weigh in and was very the moon :)

I'm sure you will be fine and I look forward to reading how you have done xx
I lost 3.5lbs and was very happy i think it also depends on how much you've got to lose in the first place if you've got quite a bit then it comes of quicker and then it can slow down as you get closer but thats just what ive seen looking through the weight in threads everyones different. good luck for your first weight in and all the best with your sw journey.


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Most people are apprehensive about their first weigh-in. providing you've stuck with the plan - there is no reason for you not to have lost (not saying it doesn't happen - as people can misunderstand the plan and other reasons). Of course - it will also depend on how "good" your diet was before hand - if you lived on takeaways and sweets and have been 100% on plan this week - then a good loss is almost guarenteed. If you had a relatively healthy diet before hand - then a smaller loss is more likely.

the apprehension if often caused due to the amount of food that can be eaten and stay on plan. when the first week loss "hits home" - that is a major turning point for everyone - that you can have the free food and loose weight.

(and i was in the takeaway camp (4 or 5 times a week) and a shockingly bad diet - and was extremely large to start with - one week of food optimising with huge portions - and i was a stone lighter).
Good luck for your first weigh in, but whatever happens you need to keep your focus, and keep going on plan.

Its all about making the change in your life, and keeping on SW for life now - its a healthy approach to eating and one that you can do easily!!!

Lots of luck x
I have moved over to SW from Exante, and wasn't expecting a loss at all on my first week as I had gone from meal replacement to eating more carbs etc... anyway, I lost 5lb in my first week and then 3lb this week.
As long as you have stuck to the plan, you will see results. I always struggle though, no matter what diet I do, at totm to not lose!

Good luck. :)

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Good luck hun!

I lost 4.5lbs my first week, but it doesn't matter what you lose - as long as it's going in the right direction :p x


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I lost less than pretty much everyone who has already replied - 3lb. I had no expectations as it was my first formal diet and I had no idea what the scales might say. Some people might have been disappointed but not me. The following week I lost another 3lb, and the same again the following week. I like to say that the amount you lose in the the first week doesn't matter, only what you have lost come the last week when you get to target. And by then you won't care two hoots for what you lost in week one.
Thanks for all your replies, I did eat a lot of take-aways before. I probably had 2 / 3 a week then Id eat frozen pizza, loads of crisps, cheese, bread. Im more savoury than sweet! One of my biggest downfalls was wine. I've been really good this week and haven't touched a drop! Fingers crossed it will have worked! Even if its 1/2 pound I'll be happy xxx

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