First weigh in! & LL bars?

I just had my first weigh in , lost 12lbs in the first week, really pleased, but looking forward to this week aswell, Jut slooking at the ingredients on the toffee bars, and the nut bars, they arn't that healthy, well compared to the packs, seem to have a bit of fat, and a lot of carbs!, will you lose more only eating the packs, and not the bars?
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Good start, you'll still loss a good weight even eating the bars & boy they're very nice...LOL Good luck!



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Well done on your first week's loss. Some people lose faster without the bars, but others find it makes no difference. Why don't you give them a go and see? :)


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great loss! well done :D

i only have a bar every few days when i really need to chew something and dont think it makes any difference to me. only one way for you to find out if it helps or hinders u!

good luck


Thought they tasted to good!!!!!!! I would stop eating them if I thought that would be better eating a normal breakfast bar.


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Thats a great start.Well done.
Peoples reaction to the bars vary. Ive never noticed a difference but have known people to come out ketosis when using them. Youll never know until you try.


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When you are having so few calories in a day anyway then a bar isn't going to hurt at all. But only one bar a day. I have known some people stick to packs only for a week if they have had a bad week and want to lose more. But you need something to chew and the nut bar is very good at keeping you regular !