first weigh in!!!O my word!


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well guys, just been for my weigh in and i've lost..... A STONE!!!I cannot beleive it I never thought i would loose that much!I do have alot to loose but i'm still in shock!!14lb in 6 days, its crazy!!!
thanks so much for all the support on here i really dont think id hav stuck to it this long withoutyou guys. Sounds silly as ive never even met any of you, but this forum is a great support. Its nice to relate to ppl in a similar position who know exactly what you're going through.
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Oh well done!!! xxx


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G: 11st0lb


Is a loser :)
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Wow wow wow fantastic, same as my first week, i was really over the moon with my first loss to! dont take any notice of my next two weeks they were over xmas and I wasn't on it fully, so well done barbie it'll drop of ya!


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Well done!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
wow, that is amazing, well done xx


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WOW well my first weigh in tomorrow and would settle for half of what you've lost...think if it was a stone i'd faint lol keep up the good(and bloody hard) work


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brilliant well done fantastic start to your journey keep strong

all the best

xx Sharron


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Thats fanBLOOMINGtastic hun
Go girl!!
Good luck with week 2


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whoohoo well done to you :)

isnt it great :):):)

blue eyes

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:wow:Fantastic weight loss well done.XX



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thanks so much for your comments guys, means alot!!bless you all :) xxxx