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WWWWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO this ss+ malarkey is fantastic.........:D:D Ive lost 6.4lbs this week as my restart I can’t believe it!
Well I knew roughly how much it would be with daily weighing but can’t believe a 0.8 loss from yesterday and all with being on 4 shakes a day.

Not long now till maintenance am so excited.

For those just starting or in their first weeks the pain is really worth it I promise - I NEVER would have lost this much on ww or sw in this amount of time or stuck to it for this long !

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Jess... That's a brilliant Loss!! WELL DONE YOU!

You've not got far till you reach goal, so keep up all your good work!


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Well done hon thats fantastic!
You are doing so well! Can I ask, you know you are on a restart is it because you went away or because you have changed your target! Its just I wanted to make my target lower....
Keep smiling hon your so nearly there!!! xx
Hi Curly -

its a restart cos of my 2 weeks off for hols and Ive changed my goal to the top end of healthy weight range too. What have you decided to do with your goal ?

Thanks Ju and Elay xxx



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well done jess x x
Great loss Jess, you must be thrilled. Well done!
I want to at least lose another 9 pounds on top of what I have to go.
What have you made yours hon! Your just a week bit taller than me Im 5 ft 2 xx
Hi Curly - Yes Im 5'3" so a little bit taller.

My healthy weight range is 8st 1 to 10st 1. Every diet quest I have been on since I started yo yo dieting and believe me there have been many I have always wanted to be 9st 7 so would have hve 7lbs to play with.

Whilst on this diet I have kept changing my mind about my goal to-ing and fro- ing between 10st and 9st 7.

But now I have made a final decision. As I have spent a fortune on the diet I have enough supplies to do 3 more weeks (incl. this one) of ss+ (4shakes) and then am going to do a quick maintenance spread over 2 weeks.

My theory is that when i get to the end of that I 'should' be 10st 1 so therefore no longer classed as overweight which will be fantastic.

Then I am going to healthy eat - proabably follow the 1200/1500 plan without the shakes to get that last half stone off, but am not going to put myself under any pressure of any timescales for that. If it takes 1 month great, if it takes 6 - no problem as long as I stay under 10st its not a problem and fitting in size 10/12 trousers.

So what have you set your goal at and are you ss+ ing till that or going up the plans to get to that ?


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