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First Weigh in tonight

Ok so first weigh in tonight and bricking it after all this have I have/I not lost after getting on the scales at home!!!!!

So nervous about it. SIL goes with me so I cant "chicken out" of going even if I wanted to!!! :D

Will try to keep positive!!!! :sigh:

Who's scales said they had not lost/gained then got to WI and have lost:confused:

There seems so much pressure of loosing more in the first week!!! At least only me, SIL and SWC will know, oh and DH coz we have a bet going!
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Is so very nearly there!
Dont Stress Huni!

My scales are rubbish ALL week and then yest morn i lost 3lb - you cant go by your scales tho as they diff to class!!

Am I still coming across stressed :8855:


I am one of the 63336
I'm 100% confident you'll be fine. Using scales at home is one of the most dangerous things and I'm sure is the reason why loads of people fall off the plan.

Bearing in mind that I'm a compulsive weigher!!! I persuaded my ex-husband to hide his scales so I couldn't use them...... and then went out and bought some more!!!!
Yeah don't stress it. There are many different things that can affect your weigh-in. IF you're floorboards are uneven tht can affect it. I've moved the scales round the house and i have got different readings. Even a lb difference is a lot when you are trying to loose weight and stay motivated. Which is why they recommend wearing same clothes when you go to weigh in and using their scales. Good luck with the WI tonight. Even if it's not wht you want, i know you will stay focused for this week


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I always get on my scales just before I leave for class. A couple of times they've said no loss, and I've got to class literally 5 minutes later and lost 2 or 3 pounds. My scales are just there to lie to me LOL

Good luck tonight, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised :D
Good luck for tonight :) Im sure it will be fine xx
Wht was the result?
Unfortunatly not.........................................................................

I lost 1lb!!!

Not completly happy but has just spurred me on to do better this week. SWC said sometimes newbies have slow losses for a couple of weeks and then they steam ahead, so I was not to worry. Will still be trying harder this week though.
1lb is great!! well done :) look at it this way its coming off and not going on no matter how big the number is! xx
Thanks guys am so glad I went - Although bit miffed at SWC who said if you dont want to be mentioned just say so I did and she still mentioned me!!! Haha - Think there are too many Sarah's in the group for her to remember!!!
I know - think I still need a little reprogramming!!! Haha

Little and often!!!!
Well done that's fantastic, keep it up. Try not to get tempted to use your scales at home


Reached Target. woohoo
Well done hun.
Heres the 1lb youv'e lost. When you see it like this hope it makes you feel better about it.

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