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First weigh in

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by oogliwoogli, 28 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. oogliwoogli

    oogliwoogli New Member

    I just joined this forum and wanted to say hi.
    I joined slimming world last week and in a short while i will be having the first weigh in after the registration weigh in. Wish me luck because I think I need it. I feel as if I shouldn't be eating as much as I have been but will find out soon. I need to lose at least 6 stone and will be amazed if I do. I do seem to have more energy than normal but maybe it's because I am not eating rubbish now and my body is running more efficient because of it.
    I hope that i haven't wasted time by writing this and there are others out there that just want a bit of a chat
    Look forward to seeing any comments on my return
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  3. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member


    Good luck on ur first WI!! ive got 6, nearly 7 stone to loose and we will do it!
    Im on my 4th week and after 3 hav lost 7.5lb

    u might be eating more but its healthy :)
  4. chloe0304

    chloe0304 Member

    Good luck! You'll have done great!
  5. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Goodluck at your first weigh in :)n x
  6. LisaIris

    LisaIris Full Member

    Good luck, I've just had my 3rd weigh in & lost 7.5lb in total. I too have lots to loose but I'm determined & loving it :)
  7. wobblybum

    wobblybum Member

    Hello oogliwoogli, best of luck for your weigh in, ive still got 6 stone something to loose so your not alone. Ive not read all of the replys to your post but in my experience on here, yes some people are chatting, with like minded slimmers, some are looking for support and inspiration and some want to let the world know how well they have done and rightly so. Hope you keep coming back and find it useful, let us know how you got on, unless you already have and i havent read it. Note to self read replys before wittering on xx
  8. dawnyyy

    dawnyyy Member


    I am also a newby having only joined 2 days ago.

    I am amazed at the amount of food that I can eat. I'm even more amazed that it's all the things I love!!

    I have 5st to lose and I am currently feeling more motivated than ever!!
  9. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    good luck on ur journey!

    Theres lots of support on here but self motivation is the best thing to have :)
  10. dawnyyy

    dawnyyy Member

    Thank you very much.

    I am feeling extremely good so far and actually look forward to all my meals!
  11. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Hi there and welcome, good luck on your first weigh- in :)
  12. dawnyyy

    dawnyyy Member

    First weigh in down and I am -5lbs!! woohoo!! :scale: second weigh in due in 2 days! Hopefully going to have a good result again!!:)
  13. Daisydolly

    Daisydolly Full Member

    Good luck!! X

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