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first weigh in


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hey you should be really chuffed, 10lb is a fab weight loss in a week, and just wait and see how quickly it drops off week after week compared to other diets. I've just lost 2 stone in 6 weeks and I have never been able to do that on a food eating diet!!

Stick with it, its a great diet and you will do really well, good luck!
hi hun know how u feel i only lost 7lbs frist week but in 3 wks ive lost 20lbs and ive never done that on any diet before so chin up and wait till next week ull have lost at least a stone in two weeks
ashley xx


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different people lose different amounts in their first weeks.. the difference with CD is that you keep losing better amounts each week than you do on other diets, so give it a couple of weeks and you'll see the results :D

that said, I think you've done great in your first week anyway :D
I got weighed in last night for the first time and offically lost 10lb although on my scales I lost 13lb. I am truely overjoyed at this. So stick with it and don't let it get you down!

8 lbs is 16 blocks of butter - could we be realistic here please! I would like to know what food eating diet you lose that amount in your first week. Most i ever lost on my 1st week of the many many diets i've been on was 4 lbs and then it was 1.5 lbs per week if i was lucky! So 1 stone a month on CD will do me nicely thanks.

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the 1st week weigh in is great for motivation BUT it is really mostly made up of water...

different people hold differing amounts of water, this could be because of retention or eating loads of carbs before they start CD

i lost 13lbs in my 1st week but i do hold alot of water and i did binge for a month solid before starting CD... its not all fat so dont worry about the 1st week!

the 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th weeks are far more important in terms of fat weight lost as you will be losing hardly any water then!

hope this waffle has made a bit of sense!!!!

I know what you mean, but the first week of any diet you generally lose good amounts and CD is more about losing greater amounts on an ongoing basis rather than just about the first week :)

Dont lose heart you are down 8lbs (or is it 10lbs) either way thats a fantastic start and everyone says expect to lose 1 stone a month there are not too many other diets that you can do that with :)


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It's a fab start, so well done! xx


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Its a brilliant loss and you really shouldn't feel disappointed at all!



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