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Hi my name is Toni, I'm 24 and joined Weight Watchers last Monday, have tried every fad diet to lose weight quick from lose 18lbs in 4 days:eek:, Jason Vales 21 day detox:confused: and none have worked so I am hoping that this is the one for me, and all the success stories I am reading are such inspiration for me to keep at it.

I had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 2 1/2 pounds!!! :D

I do have a question though, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I earn extra points which last week I did use but does everyone do this, or do you think that if I didnt use them I could lose more?? Help!!

"I'm on my way from misery to happiness 2day....ah ha ah ha ah ha...."

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I never use my bonus exercise points ( havent earnt any for a while though ) i should find the time for the gym more often to be honest so well done for going.

I think if you dont use them you might lose a little more and you should only use 12 a week maximum from your exercise points
Thanks for that, its really difficult to know what to do, its the same with points in general, there was a woman at the back of me at my weigh in who doesnt use all her points every day. Do you? She says that you will just lose more but then why give you a set amount then???:confused:

I am loving the gym, do more classes than the actual gym tho, bodyjam is fantastic fun!! I have met loads of friends through going aswell.

I am going to not use them this week and see what the difference is next week at the weigh in....fingers crossed!!

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Heya - welcome to ww!!!
I don't' use any of my exercise points either.. but it's good to know I have them there if I'm having a bad day!!!
I wouldn't agree with not using your allocated points - I was told if used less than you are supposed to then when you do lose weight and go down a few points, you'll find it very hard to lose weight as your body is used to the decreased amt of points.. (have I totally confused you now?! lol - sorry!!)



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Thats a good reason and also WW give you an allocated number of points as thats the amount your body needs to keep the metabolism going and keep the body from storing fat.

If you drop the points then your body will think its starving and retain anything you put into it, you may have a lucky couple of weeks but it would have a negative impact on your weight loss, i think alot of people think they wont eat all their points as they are on a diet and we all have a vision of a lady on a diet being able to eat a few things each day and WW smashes that belif as you are never really hungry and can budget to eat what you want so they feel like they are cheating. But WW is a good method and it DOES work.


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Welcome to Minimins and well done on your loss so far!
I eat all my points! The beauty of WW is u can eat all the things u like (eg pizze,pasta, chocolate) as long as u keep within your allocated points. Its no quick fix but it does work and hopefully teaches you to think about what u eat so u can change your habits for good.

I never eat bonus points though although I guess if I had a special occasion or something I might do.



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Im only starting out so cant really offer advice but just wanted to say well done on your loss this week :D


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Snap with the points! .. i always use mine up! altho at the begining i used to think oh im not hungry i cant use them all .... mind you some days i do still struggle i just carry them over and use them on my chinese night at the weekend :)

you can fit ww into however you like xx
Thanks for all the advice guys, I did use all my points last week so this week I am not going to use the points I have earned going to the gym and see if that makes a difference.

FEEL LIKE I HAVENT STOPPED EATING SINCE I JOINED LAST WEEK!! I never used to have breakfast before, could go to about 2pm before eating!!

What is everyone doing? Points or Core? Which is better? I am doing points just now.

I had a baddish week aswell and I felt really crap cause it was my first week and I wanted to be really focused but it was my sons 2nd birthday (cake!!) and fathers day all in the same week, not good!!
So nothing on this week going to be totally positive and get it done!

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