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Hiya Everyone, I have been lurking for some weeks now reading all the support, tips and friendship..

Well today I got my forms signed by my GP to start the CD as my BMI is: 43.42!! :(

Emailed my CDC and have my first appointment for 31st December at 11.30, ready to start on the 2nd January.

I already have the support of my hubby, tonight I spoke to my mum about the diet and was not surprised to hear that she was so pleased that I was doing 'something' as they are worried about me.. My parents for as long as I can remember have always disliked my weight/size.. had years of comments like 'You have such a pretty face' 'You would be so much happier' etc.. I know its all said out of love.

This may sound very silly, and I know its not a practical statement.. but I wish I could see everyone I know over Christmas, and then not see anyone until I have lost all this 'extra me'.. like a butterfly, cocooned away until it emerges beautiful!!

I'm going to enjoy Christmas and then change my life forever in 2007.. looking forward to getting to know you all, and I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Merry xmas to you too! You have done totally the right thing to get this diet started after xmas. I started at the end of October and i've lost 2 stone 9lbs since then. I had about the same as you to lose and i can really see a light at the end of the tunnel now. It is such a great diet once you get going, so i wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to reading about your success!
Hiya juju.. Havent you done well! Its losses like yours that I know will keep me motivated!!

Thanks for taking the time to wish me well.. :)
Well done, i know exactly how you feel. I started CD last week. It is one of the best decisions i have ever made. Today was my first weigh in, i lost 10lbs. I am like you, i really enjoy my Xmas dinner but i felt soooo bad i just had to start. So i've decided to make a Xmas meal once i get to target.
Well done sis on making the right decision.
Hey of luck on your CD journey!! I have your wish....I'm going to see my family & friends at home in a few days for the first time since before I started bit is....none of them even know I am doing CD!!

Enjoy your Christmas, but dont go too OTT cos it'll just mean you have more to lose in the new year!! You should start upping your water intake now as well to make it easier when you start!!
You will not regret it. My BMI was just under 50 when i started CD just been to look it up it was 49.8 and it was the best decision I ever made. Take it one day at a time and some days will be hard but remember you can and will do it. Post on here every day and we will get you through it
Irene xx
Hiya Charmed

You have already started to change your life....the 2nd will just be a continuation of this process! :)

Good luck and just remember that your body will need to recover from the years of fat, toxins and other substances that you have ingested so during that recovery phase you may experience some headaches, nausea, etc but it is only temporary and usually gone within 5 - 7 days!!! Not bad eh?? You can start to redress the balance within a week and end up much lighter as well! :)

Keep us posted and remember we're all on the journey so check in
Good luck Charmed, I am sure you will get that BMI down ! Don't worry about seeing people regularly. I see some family every week and they say they see the weight loss every week ! I can tell they mean it too, they aren't just trying to be nice.

Totally understand the stuff to do with your mum's comments too, been there and had all that.

Enjoy Xmas and as you say look forward to a new you in 2007 !
hi you !!!!

you did a right choice ... you will see quikly the result on your scale ..

keep doing !! and this forum is a really good support .

2007 year for the butterfly !!!
Hi Charmed

Welcome to Minimins. And well done on making the decision to start CD. You won't be disappointed!!!

I love the look on people's faces when they see me for the first time in a long while. I don't see my family much and recently met up with them all at a family engagement party...... I sort of stole the show a bit when I walked in as everyone was gobsmacked!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I have an understanding cousin.

As Karen has already said, look at starting to increase your water intake now. I found getting the water down was one of the hardest parts of the plan. Get through the first week and your weigh in result will keep you spurred on.

You can do it!!!!!!!

Jazzy xx
Hiya Charmed,
just popping by to wish you the best of luck on your cd journey :D

As Diva says the first week may be tough, but hang on and soon you'll be sailing along :p

Happy christmas to you too :p
Good luck on your journey to a 'new you' charmed! Don't worry about the bmi ... it'll soon drop like a stone (mine was 56 at my heaviest and is now 32).

The good thing about this diet is that you don't need to go a whole year between seeing people before their jaws drop at the difference: I've not seen people for a matter of a few weeks and they comment on the weight loss.

I'm currently on a 'planned break' for Christmas (having been on SS for 7 months) but will be back SSing from Jan 8th. There will be quite a few of us 'restarting' in January so you'll have loads of company :)
Hi Charmed and welcome to MiniMins.

I too just got my form signed by my doctor and have my first appointment with my CDC today and then aim to start on 27th Dec.

We have very similar amounts to lose and starting so close we can support each other along the way.

This board has been so supportive to me already and is one of the main reasons I decided to take the plunge into the CD.:)
Thanks so much everyone, I know this isnt going to be the best road trip sometimes.. but with support like this its gonna be fun!!

lisaloooo.. yea love to share and support.. here's to our first week!! :)
Just popped in to say Hi, well done on approaching the start line, CD is the best x
Good Luck to the 2 of you on January 2nd. It's a fabulous decision you have made. Your body will be singing with delight when it realises you mean business. Although at times it is hard I felt instantly relieved of the burden of my overeating and proud that I was taking control and doing something so good for myself. So the rewards came before any weight loss and then when the weight drops off it's the icing on the cake!

Be prepared for a struggle at times though but we are all here when you need us.

Dizzy x
Thanks Vicky & Irene.. :)

Anna.. most definately!! here's to a great 2007!!

How many of you on here have taken the hideous 'start day' photo?