First weigh-in


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It probably is honey. You have to remember your glycogen store may have refilled, which for some people can be in excess of 7 lbs. You have done well, and I bet you see the fruits of your work next week ;)


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Morning Essexmum, IM sure that 1/2 lb is quite normal......
CD,LL and LT are so harsh compared to any diet where you can eat. Ive just changed over to SW from LT and to be honest am expecting a gain in my 1st week. Im sure it will all work out next week....Good luck;)


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awwww 1/2 lb ain't so bad hun, don't get too dismayed, probably is just the changeover as has been already said - don't worry, I'm sure this time next wk you'll be posting that you've lost that and then sum - happy slimming to u :)