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thankssssssssss :D!!! off to update ticker yayyyyy


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well done both of you
tyvm ooo your soo clost to your target well done :


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Yayyyyyyy well done to you both Kate. thats fab.......
Your both doing so well..
Just to point out to you hon men always lose it quicker.. My brother and I started the same time and I have lost nearly 4 stone and he has lost way over 5 stone..............
Heres to another great week ahead x
i know that but its not fair is it! men have everything so easy lol!! but we are sooo chuffed he cant believe hes lost a whole stone bless him xxx and yes heres to another week =) im living on mainly shakes this week ive decided because i love those and i kind of dread having soups so surely this is the best option?! lol xxx


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I love the shakes too... they are great.. I never have the soups either. Once you get to week 3 you can have bars and mix a mousse which are lovely...
Good luck your doing great x


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Well done the both of you. Great result for week 1
Keep up the good work !!!!!
thanks sooo much guys :D and yes im looking forward to the mix a mouse and the bars :D


needs a real kick in the
well done, both of you. actually glad to have week one finished, we have week 2 to look forward to now and next week a few more pounds off, hope your enjoying this, maybe not the shakes but the getting slimmer, claira xx
Oh Kate that's FANTASTIC news my darling, well done to you both that s an inspiring loss for you both. Hugs M xx
OMG that is amazing i start on Tuesday just some of that would be awesome congratulations to you both!!!!
take care luv sharon xxxx
well done to the both of you! x x
aww thanks so much guys!!! we are doing really well on the diet front not feeling hungry at all really! im sooo shocked its working and we are able to not cheat, the boyfriend is finding it a bit harder to resist food bless him but im there to keep him on track i think losing a stone will give him the boost he needs, and passion very well done on your weigh in too WOOT :D
claira sorry well done on your weight loss too! and yes roll on week 2 ! sooo hoping this week will be better as im on the shakes and only got 3 porridges as im not keen on them or the porridge after this week we have the bars and mix a mouse to look forward to! :D and the realbbe good luck you your start on CD it is truly a great diet if you can get past the first few days remember to come on here if you feel weak as, as you can see this site is FULL of wonderfull supportive people *jumps arouns happy*
It's great Kate you and your man are doing CD together. That would be great. You can both motivate each other and you've got here as well. You can't fail!
i can fail im sure of it ...if i tried lol! but i wont i wont i wont haha :D and yes it is good but he has next to 0 will power where as when i start something i usualy stick to it and am really stuborn and once again hes not lol
Well just you keep motivating him. Has he a lot to lose? My husband had put on a few stones last year. (he's usually thin) He did SW for about a month and lost it and has never put it back on but he's nowhere near as greedy as me.

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