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Hi Victoria!

I am on my first day too...... I try to just drink water and aim for day 4 when it all seems much easier!

Good luck xxx


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Only tip I can give is keep up with your water intake, it really does take the pang of hunger away xx


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The more i drink the more i lose and if u wanna hurry up and get off this diet then drink drink drink and sticking to it so you dont have to go through the hard work of the first few days of getting into ketosis again. Plan your shakes and i tend to have mine around the same time each day s my body knows whats coming and when lol maybe i am just strange on that one haha! First few days you might feel a little sick and dizzy and get a bad head but thats just your body trying to make you eat as its the withdrawal from the Carbs... dont let it beat you. Staying on this site really helps me too, looking through the before and after pics keeps me motivated. I have put my WORST fat pic of me all over my house so it reminds me ALL the time of how fat i am and it so far has stopped me thinking about eating at all! Maybe you can ask for a buddy and get someone to help you too.... have i ranted on enough haha. Good luck :) xxx


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Hey hey! My first day too!

Ladies, where can I find the skinny b thread? x


Got a bit of a sore head today but to be excepted other than that still going good find the shakes filling and had chilli tomato soup last night was quite tasty x


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my first day too :)