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fish & chips


Lover of Extra Easy
Very brave!
Next time why don't you make yourself some SW fish and chips?
That way you won't feel so sad!
I'd had a really busy evening. Eldest daughters prom so I blow-dryed her hair.....did make-up,took photos etc. Took middle daughter to ballet, shot into town to try and get new outfit for going out for dinner tomorrow, no luck with outfit so bought make-up instead (husband nearly fell over when the women on dior told him it was 87 quid) picked up middle daughter from ballet...picked up fish and chips went home collapsed. Mug shot was a quick and easy option or I would of eaten the fish and chips. Still at least the dogs are happy.


Ahhh well done u, my oh had a chippy tea tonight and i too was good and had nothing from there and had 2 home made burgers instead yumyum :p
It's times like these you have to practically shackle yourself to a wall! Well done! I've come home from nights out and while people are munching away on kebabs and curries I have to make do with whatever I prepared before I went, knowing I'd be ravenous and tempted!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
And the award to the Member with Iron Willpwer goes to...... dumpylump!!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of you!
You could still eat the fish - just remove the batter (I know, I know...not the same!). And maybe have half a portion of chips which is probably only about 7 or 8 syns?

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