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Fish Food

I swim daily 2 hours and have done so since March 2011 as i was overweight and was reaching 100kg so thought i need to slimin up, going to the gym was out of the question as i tried it before and was hard work, however i was an excellent swimmer when i was younger and thought i'd give it a try. I was very shocked how quickly my body was toning up and the rate i was losing fat although articles on the internet my body would retain the fat to keep me warm (did i prove them wrong or what)

I would like to post my daily diet here so that i can get feed back on my nutritional intake

my training regime consists of:

500m - Front Crawl
500m - Competitive breast stroke
500m - back stroke
100m - Butterfly

followed by 10 minutes in the sauna, 15 minutes in the steam room and to finish it off 15-20 minutes in the jacuzzi.

So from today i will keep a record of what im eating because i tend to eat too much unhealthy stuff and need to improve my nutrition


Breakfast - oops i skipped it

Mountain Dew
and that purple sweet out of a roses tin

Post Swim dinner:
Mountain Dew
Egg Salad

Evening drink:
1 Glass of Del Monte Orange juice with little bits.
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mountain dew
but im giving this up from tomorrow

been busy hence didnt update my diary, ima do it now

my working out from now will be called swimtime to avoid repeating the regime i do, just a reminder it take approx 2 hours and consists of:

500m - Front Crawl
500m - Competitive breast stroke
500m - back stroke
100m - Butterfly

followed by 10 minutes in the sauna, 15 minutes in the steam room and to finish it off 15-20 minutes in the jacuzzi.


Breakfast: skipped
Lunch: Cod, but ensured i removed the batter & Mountain Dew.
Dinner: cant remember


Breakfast: skipped
Lunch: cant remember
Dinner: brown rice with youghurt


Breakfast: Twix and 1/2 litre of water
Lunch: Mountain Dew and a tub of smarties
Dinner: Nando's burger with chip and mash patatoe & Mountain dew

Breakfast: 1/2 litre of water
Lunch: Twix and Mountain Dew
Dinner: Vegatable Lasagne & Mountain dew

there seem to be too much, mountain dew in my diet so ima try and give it up and try Lucozade Sport lite as energy replacement.

Lady A

Loves to Shop!
Hi Samosa

Welcome to minimins and the sw forum. I'm no expert but I think you need to replace some of that sugar that you're consuming in the form of energy drinks and chocolate for low fat dairy, fruit and veg to give you energy before your swim and then may be some protein in the form of leant meat, poultry, fish, quorn or pulses after your swim as muscles love a bit of protein to repair themselves after a workout. I notice that your lunch is usually light so maybe you need to prepare a salad or sandwich or even a protein shake and take it into work and have plenty of healthy snacks during the day to keep your metabolism ticking away.

Have a look at other people's diaries on here to get an idea of the different plans. The beauty of slimming world is that it is a nutritionally balanced eating program and it can fit in with your training as you can have carbohydrates before your swim and then have a protein rich meal after your swim :)
Thanks Lady A. it's mainly down to my laziness over the years, its taken me so long to get in the gym, i didnt want to change my diet, but feel i'm ready to do so.

Theres some Plain Choc Digestive sitting in me bottom drawer which i feel like yamming but i'm let them sit there.

oh i forgot to mention im a smoker, approx 10 a day was 20 when i started swimming in March - that also needs to go...

I've swum not stop since March, 7 days a week (only missed 1 day last month) i think i will give myself a rest tomorrow. I had such a good workout yesterday but my arms, shoulders and abs are in agony, will give them time to repair.

p.s why is healthy eating so expensive?

Lady A

Loves to Shop!

Use the money you use to buy cigarettes, junk food and mountain dew to buy healthy food and you probably won't feel the pinch so much ;)

Rest days are good to let your muscles repair themselves so they are stronger for your next work out. I tend to have 1-2 rest days per week and find that that works for me.

Give healthy eating a try for 2 weeks and i'm sure you'll feel the difference in your energy levels in no time :)

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