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Fitness question!! not CD related though


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Hi everyone,

Need some advice from you guys.

Im interested in buying some fitness eqiupment, from the tv channels, as they look so so soooo good when they talk about them on telly, but wasn't sure how good they really are, so i thought i'd ask here, maybe someone has bought these already and could share with us...

My wife (still breast feeding, to our newborn) wants to lose some weight from her Thighs, hips and stomach area so was thinking of getting her the "Leg Magic".

For myself, coz of the long working hours i do, i never seem to go the gym regularly (but still paying for it:cry: ) so was thinking of a couple of machines, such as the "Ab Lounge XL" or the "Gravity Force Trainer"

The Links are here, so please let me know....


JJB Sports TV

Body By Jake
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Hiya Azar,

Hmmm, well I don't know. I am a bad one to give advice, as I always seem to buy stuff like this and never use it HOWEVER, as a serial shopper, and avid (sadly!!) QVC watcher, I will aim to help anyway :)

The Leg Magic is supposed to be fab, and I quite believe it is, but it is almost £80.....I sat and watched the presentation for this on QVC and I wanted one as it looks simple to do, and it is easy to store.

I don't like the look of the AB Lounge, as I saw something on QVC (cannot remember the name) which appears to do the same thing, but doesn't look so much like a chair! Unless you have lots of room in your house????

I like the look of the gravity thing, and it offers your money back if you don't lose 20% of your body fat in 30 days, so take your body fat measurements and take the risk I would say!!!!

Having said that, my brother is a bit of a "gym junkie" and he ALWAYS tells me off for buying things like this as there is no exercise you cannot do on one of these machines that you cannot do with weights and a gym ball. He SWEARS by the "Body Doctor" book, and he does it at home on a gym ball/fit ball with weights.

I would go for the Leg Magic, and get some weights and a gym ball. And maybe an ab cradle to help with the sit ups to get my six pack (I wish!!!!).

Hope that helped, as I say I am a serial shopper, and my brother is a bit of a gym fanatic!


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Just to add -- Personally I wouldnt waste your money. There is no incentive to use home exercise equipment - regardless of HOW much you will protest now and say you'll use it. Maybe for a week or two.

I would spend the money on a gym membership. More incentive to get out the house, more motivation when you get there, plus the help and advise form the trainers.

TT xx

(who was bought a VERY expensive piece of equipment 2 christmas's ago... now read the above!)


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I'm afraid I will have to agree with TTey68 on this one, home equipment get used for a few weeks and then ususlly turns into a clothes rack so personally I wouldn't waste the money!
For your wife I think walking is the ideal exercise with the little one, it will get her out of the house, plenty of fresh air for her and the baby and it doesn't cost a penny!!


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ive just bought one of them disc things that u stand on and twist round, dont know if it works yet tho lol, also hubby bought me a mini trampoline thing for xmas 95 and its still in box in the shed, i tend to go to the gym, much more motivation


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thanks guys, but ive just ordered them and they all got 30 day money back guarantee any way, so i guess i'll try them 1st and see, if not will send em back.
Hey Azar,

Let me know how your wife gets on with the Leg Magic, as it did look good on the TV!!!!


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Hey Azar,

Let me know how your wife gets on with the Leg Magic, as it did look good on the TV!!!!
I will let you know hun, but its gonna take a few days before i recieve it though.... but watch this space


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OK you guys who wanted to find out.....

finally got my AB lounge XL in the other day and it does what they show on telly... for once!!

Its really really good and after juat a few reps, you can really feel the whole of the stomach area getting worked out.

Hey, still in the early stages yet but will surely try to use it regularly and see how good it really is....

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