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"Fix My Fat Head" TV Prog tonight.


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FYI ...
"Fix my Fat Head" is on BBC1 tonight at 10.35pm
The rundown says it's a journalist trying to find out why she is unable to lose weight despite trying many diets so I'm assuming from that and the title that it's about the psychology of it all ... but I don't know for sure.
Thought you might be interested :)
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cheers Jan, i've book marked it :)


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Ooooh i've got it set to record - i will be well and truely in the land of nod then! lol
Thanks I will set it to record x


maintaining since June'09
Don't know about anyone else .... I thought that was a pile of poo!!! xx


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I was just going to watch it on iplayer...is it not worth the watch then?xx


maintaining since June'09
Bit late now - sorry but I wouldn't have been bothered to miss it if I'd known.

However on another thread I started in the TV forum someone has said she learned something from it (or words to that effect) and would like to see a follow up. If there was a follow up I wouldn't bother personally - but I'd be interested to know what you think if you DO/did watch it. It could be me!? xx


Is a loser :)
I agree Jan, I could have slapped her! silly women, very dismissive I felt and obviously not in the frame of mind to lose any weight!


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i saw it....it made me so so so angry. she wanted and easy solution. no one can lose weight and still eat the way she was...fact. if you could we'd all be super models. i felt vary angered because she made people like me (very overweight) seem as lazy as she was. which in fact is not the case. good luck to her finding that miracle diet, but i'll stick to my lipotrim miracle for now :D


maintaining since June'09
I know what you both mean - I found her quite irritating. The only redeeming thing about the way she treated the Lighter Life people to my mind, was that she had the good grace to feel bad about it the next morning.
Initially I thought she wasn't doing LL any favours but in the end it was clear that it was herself she wasn't doing any favours. Let's hope she looks back on it in a few years and realises what an ar$e she was (in a completely non-judgemental way you understand ;) ) xx
Well like a lot of us we use food to support our emotions...all of them! She is very flippant at times but then you could see her emotional side too the one that behind the poo pooing was someone that was unhappy with the weight. By God she loved her food though!

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