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  1. serendipity1980

    serendipity1980 Full Member

    Hi guys,

    hope you are all still going strong on LT. I am having a hard time of it at the moment, I am on week 19 and have lost 6st 3 lbs to date. I only lost 1 and a half pounds last week so Im on a bit of a downer.

    Maybe I am spoiled with the fast weight loss up to now, but I am considering coming off LT and going with a low carb low fat diet. What is stopping me is that I am still 15st and I wanted to finish LT at 10 stone. does anyone have any advice? Im afraid that I will feel so guilty about not reaching my ultimate goal that I wont enjoy eating healthily and lapse back into my old ways. I want this so much and I dont want to chuck it all away. Have any of the long serving LTers felt like this?
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  3. Mille

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    don't give up you can do this i had the same last week only a 1lb but you have to realise you have done so well and will continue to do so
    keep focused you can do this i'm sending you some positive vibes :vibes:
  4. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

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    1.5 lbs is still good hun. that might be setting you up for a bigger loss next week! Don't give in now, 6 stone is absolutely fantastic! You've done brilliantly! You're just feeling a bit down and in a few days you will probably feel alot better - especially when you feel really proud of yourself for not giving in!

    Good luck and keep smiling xx
  5. Sara4

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    Ahhhh Hun! Don't give it up! I did (through circumstances of having to travel) and now I am raging! I thought I would lose the rest through maintenance but now I am hoping to go back to TFR. Stick with it! You will be fed up after 2 weeks off it and will regret that you stopped.!
  6. cuddlyfairy

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    Compared to you I'm a newbie but for me, having followed what others like Gaz have found, I think I'll stay on LT until I reach my goal. I have heard it is really hard to get back on so I'd rather not have to stop and start again!

    You must do what is right for you but, if you think you'll lapse and cheat on a low fat/low carb diet, then you'd be better sticking to LT.

    You have done amazingly well so far and are more than halfway to your goal so hang in there hun. I've had a few low losses but they are still a loss.

    Good luck hun.

  7. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

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    mmmmm, I know its a tough call but if you come off LT you have to be fully aware that your losses will be minimal. Flip side, well another 20 weeks approximatly is required to get to your goal so your half way.
    I would stick it out if I was you or why not try CD or LL? But whatever you do, think hard and I wish you the best of luck on your dicision.
  8. missyd

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    you have done so well what an achievement x
  9. paula the explorer

    paula the explorer Full Member

    dont give up hang in there you have come too far6stone wowee
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