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Hi People
I went to the chemist on friday for my WI and thought I would give the bar things a go and all I can say is gross I have never tasted anything more revolting in all my life :sign0137: I even tried both flavours and there was no difference I think I will be sticking to the yummy yummy shakes :gimi:
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LOL...they are awful arn't they!! I tried toasting them and that didn't help. Stick to the shakes hun.


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I think I might have to as it would have tasted better licking the carpet


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I tried the flapjacks for the first time this weekend and I liked them! They do taste salty (like everything on Lipotrim!) but I'm getting used to that, even enjoying the shakes more than I did in the first couple of days.

Mind you, as I mentioned in a previous thread, I like the soup as well which a lot of people don't like, so I must just have weird tastes! And it's nice to have something solid to eat now and again. :)

I swapped some shakes for flapjacks as I was going out for the day with family yesterday, and it would have been impossible to have a shake so it was really handy! Will definitely get more next week. :D

I don't mind the flapjacks but hate the soup. I just find them handy to have at work and as a change from 3 strawberry shakes a day!!! I have got a couple of vanillas to try as lattes this week.



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they are a bit dry to eat, but i find them ok ish if you are out and about.

congrats on the weight loss, pure fat remember! melting away!! :)


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i get all flavours as i like the variety, don't think i could cope with just the 1 or 2 to choose from. give it another couple of weeks and you might be surprised and actually like them

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