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My pharmacist was a bit rubbish ans didnt have much info on lipotrim basically
"Have you seen the lipotrim video?"
"YES "
" what foods do you want then?"

He offered me the flapjacks, but i said i didnt want them just yet- now i only said that cos for some reason i thought i shouldnt be having them in the first two weeks.

Am i just being paranoid? Could i have them now? or not?
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rainbow brite

To be honest I think you're right because I read somewhere that you can't have them in the first week. My pharmacist seemed a little clueless in that way too as she pretty much did the same thing when offering me my stuff.

In all honesty I'd say not to have any in the first week just in case, I had 1/2 yesterday and will never touch one again! I don't think I should have been given them but I was so desperate to chew something yesterday that I ate it anyway! o_O

rainbow brite

I understand completely where you're coming from hun *Hugs* As for yesterday, I'll repeat what you said to me and say don't let it get you down but don't do it again x


soon to be minnie mouse
you can have the flapjacks on week 2 if you're brave. iv'e only ever tried them twice or so. they are very handy if you go out shopping for the day to avoid any food slip-ups, on the down side you have to drink more water with them.
good luck ladies.
yeah week 2 you can have flapjacks i tried one and couldnt even eat it all it was vile ended up taking the rest back! x

rainbow brite

I'm taking mine back tomorrow lol
:jelous: I don't think they do, but then that's me :)
The flapjacks are really nice toasted... try one toasted... but you cant have flapjacks in your first week.

Also, if you are sitting in the house thinking about food alot I would say get outside and walk! If you got an ipod or a dog or whatever - just get out and walk and think about how different your life will be when you hit your goal. Think positive and stay active.

I dont think your pharmacy should be offering flapjacks so early on in LT.... and as for the taste I found them...:jelous:
I don't mind the flapjacks, as long as you don't expect them to taste like real ones!!!! I find them handy when at work as you don't have to mess around making them. They aren't great tasting but a lot better than the soup!!!!!!

I just took one to try (on my first week - my pharmacist didn't seem to know you weren't supposed to!!!) and found it okay.


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