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Flapjact question


Here we go again!
Everyone's tastes are different so you are best to try both to see which you prefer. I have tried both but couldn't stomach either to be honest with you but some people really like them. Hope you find one you like.


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i got three this week - against the advice of my pharmacist who told me they were disgusting - and i should have listened!
I tried the coconut one immediately after my weigh in and it was revolting! i managed two very tentative nibbles and chucked the rest. daren't try the peanut now!
I tried them and they were both horrible, like sawdust.. horrible.. i tried the carmel maintanence bar and that was lovely.... going to get some of them to take away with me..


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I couldn't eat the peanut one at first but I can now but I still prefer the coconut one.
They're not supposed to be 'nice' they're our medicine to ensure we're getting all the nutrition we need. If they were nice we might want more of them. I find them far more convenient to take to work than shakes and I have grown to not mind them at all.
I wouldn't write anything off - tastes and tollerances change. x


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I tried the peanut one on my first visit to the pharmacy. My weigh in lady lets people try them first before buying them which I think is a fab idea.

I just about threw up and I only had a tiny bit. Then after reading that a few poeple on here had got used ot them and that thier tastebuds had changed, I decided to try again. On Friday when I went for WI I asked to try the coconut one and my pharmacist gave me one FOC. I tried it yesterday. Had a very small bit of it and again nearly threw up. I just can't stomach them. They are very salty and dry.

Maybe your pharmacist would allow you to try one before you buy them



maintaining since June'09
Ha Ha - that just shows how palates are different ... I don't find them salty at all! ... They ARE dry though I always have loads of water with them x


Getting thinner everyday!
i tried the carmel maintanence bar and that was lovely.... going to get some of them to take away with me..

was that the myolex bars?

ive tried them 3 times now and there as bad as they ever have been proper horrible they could have made them at least a bit more intresting ive never tatsed any thing like it but there are people on here that love them i feel gutted coz it must be nice to chew some thing but not going to try again
I don't mind the flapjacks and they are handy to have at work where only 2 people knew which diet I was on and I wanted to keep it that way. They aren't the tastiest thing going but not that bad! If you are refeeding then after the first week you can have the maintenance products so you can have the caramel bar instead.

Good luck.


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