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Flex Syn help please


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Hi all,

I have been browsing the eating out section for future research purposes and wondered how the flexible syns system works, am I right in thinking you can tot up your 15 syns per day and use them in one foal swoop? or at least a fair few of them? if so can this also be done for a night out on the beer too?

I have been averaging about 5 syns per day during the week, really because i am just not hungry enough to eat anything else - but I do go up to 15 at weekends (fri,sat, sun) when the old wine comes out. Is this also ok?

cor, if the answer is yes to these queries i will be thrilled!

thanks guys

F4ye x
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No - there seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding on this.

What you are talking about it not flexi synning but just using your syns on a weekly basis - saving up syns over the week to splash out at the weekend or whatever. Until recently SW said this was a no no but now they say you can do it as long as you as you don't mind depriving yourself on the days when you are not having very many syns. I still recommend having at least 5 syns a day though even if you are working weekly.

A flexi day stems from when you couldn't carry syns over from one day to the next. So what could you do when you had a special occasion coming up? The answer was to have a flexi day. To do this you decide in advance how many extra syns you will need to get through the day. On the day you count your syns as normal but when you get to the limit you set, you stop! Next day you get back on plan as normal with the usual 10-15 syns a day. You don't try and cut back for the rest of the week to pull things back. You accept that you might not have a loss that week but the point is you remained in control of your eating instead of just stuffing yourself with whatever you fancied. Also you can't decide after the fact to call it a flexi day just because you've had a binge. The point of flexi synning is staying in control and if you binge then you're clearly not in control. It's also supposed to be a 'once in a blue moon' thing not a regular occurence.
great info circles on flexi syns think i just had two of those. Always the same don't go out for ages then two things come at once.

know i can't put it right by WI but have excepted that i may not loose this week.

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