Extra Easy Flexi syns is there a limit


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Hi I'm on plan just over 3 weeks took me the 1st week to get used to it now very happy
But :(
I going away to a hotel this weekend so figured I'd do the weekly sums instead of daily so weekly 105 so say I save 80 of them for weekend is that the yay it works that I just count to 105 not nattering which day I eat how many if u get me

Sorry if I waffling appreciate all replies thanks
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It's fine to use your syns like this but it's not what SW call flexi syns - that's something a bit different.

Have a great weekend and well done for planning ahead!


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it is fine to do this, but write it down. Chances are you may go over - but be prepared, dont beat yourself up IF it happens and you gain you'll know where it will have come from.

Eating out can be a complete pain in the bottom!

They generally say stick to 5-15 a day, with 10 being the general rule of thumb. Theyve found that as soon as people start having such as 12, 15, 17 a day, it really becomes a problem, as they normally try a little bit further.

My advice. Try your hardest BUT enjoy yourself. If you gain, you know where its come from and it'll be off next week! x