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Flexible Syns ???????

You decide on an amount of syns you need for a special event (eg 40 syns), and then countdown to zero for that event. this is in addition to your 15 a day. You accept you may not loose that week as a result. It is only for use for special occassions not every weekend.

I've never used it myself. I save syns instead for the weekend, and frankly, if its a big event. I prefer to just go off plan for that one meal/event.
Thanks! I was wondering, as I had heard about them, but didn't know what it involved. It's good to know, but I would probably just have a good time!! Lol. Thanks again x
i just tend to have them marked on a piece of paper and tick them off when necessary! I usually end up building them up for a weekend as i like to have a drink then!


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so, you cant have a 105 syn blow out on a saturday then?
You could but it might affect your losses, it could lead to binges and going completely off plan, and you would be more likely to fall off the wagon during the week as you have no syns left to play with and need to be super strict. So probably not a good idea.
It is not recommended, partly because it rncourages binging & SW don't want to encourage that, but also because you are likely to feel deprived. Best to have 5 a day & keep 5 back for the weekend (thats 45 syns if you have all 15 for that night plus 30 saved) if you want, but not every weekend!
That's good to know, I didn't think about the binge factor! I generally tend to use between 5 - 10 a day, and would only usually save up for a special occasion, which very occasionally happen. Thanks again for the advice. X

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