Flying with packs


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Hi all
There must be loads of people here who have flown while on packs. Just wondered whether you had any grief carrying them in your hand luggage. Really don't want to pack in suitcase in case it goes astray - happened to a girl in my group week 2.

Am I fussing about nothing? What are others' experiences?

ta muchly
shouldnt be a problem i kept the bar with me in hand luggage when i went abroad and everything else in the suitcase :)
I had no problems; since the foodpacks are sealed they are ok to take through in hand luggage. It's food items from prohibited foods (such as meat and dairy) that are problematic and any packaging that is open.
When I travelled last I did not have a suitcase to put in the hold: all my possessions were in my backpack including a week's worth of foodpacks. Had no hassle or trouble at all. :)
Hey Hun

I had no problems going over to france, kept 2 days supply in my handbag with a little shaker and my ever present tabasco! put the rest in normal luggage which I knew would get there as it was going on our food truck!!! Also your LLC will have a standard letter they can print that you can carry with you incase anyone queries anything.

Thanks for all your replies lovelies - one less thing to worry about. (I always have to have a good stress leading up to travelling anywhere, I am such a control freak lol)