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FMBB's food diary ~ EE

Breakfast: 2 fried mushrooms, 2 eggs scrambled, 3 griddled rashers of bacon (all fat removed) 2 whole tomatos quartered and griddled with the bacon, a small dollop of brown sauce (1 syn?).

Lunch: Slimming World recipe: Cottage Pie

Dinner: 3 pieces of Honey-Roast ham rolled into sausage shapes filled with extra light Laughing Cow cheese triangles, carrot batons, cucumber slices and iceberg lettuce.

Snacks: a small amount of cottage cheese, 6 crab sticks a small apple, a cherry mullerlight (2 syns?) and about 100g of raw prawns.

Comments: I don't think I've ever eaten so well in my life lol so far a very satisfying diet. Because I took so long in Asda breakfast was at 12pm and when our eldest got home from school we had to make a proper dinner so had dinner and lunch in reverse.
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9am Breakfast: Strawberries covered in fat free greek yogurt topped with 28g of Jordans special muesli and a chopped banana.

12:30pm Lunch: Canned tuna, cucumber, grated carrot, sweetcorn, pasta twists and 1 tablespoon of XL mayonaise (2½ syns)

5pm Dinner: Chunky Slimming World free chips, 2 fried eggs and mushy peas. 1 pot of Hartley's sugar free jelly (½ syn) and some black grapes.

All day snacks: Cherry Mullerlight yogurt, 2 oranges, 2 coffee's with sweetner and 120mls of milk from allowance.

Comments, Lunch was scrummy, I attempted to save half for later on, but lasted about 10 minutes before I finished it off.
9am Breakfast: Red onion, bacon (all fat removed) 2 eggs scrambled and 1 tomato quartered.

12:30pm Lunch: Baxters chicken broth plus a stock cube. Prawns, icerberg lettuce, marie rose sauce (SW recipe 1 syn)

5pm Dinner: Slimming World recipe: Turkey Tikka Masala with garlic spinach.

All day snacks: 1 Kit Kat (5.5 syns) Vanilla Mullerlight, a handful of grapes, an orange, 1 Hartley's sugar free blackcurrent and 1 orange jelly (1 syn)

Comments: Dinner wasn't spicy enough for me, I thought I liked mild curries but this one was too mild even with double the masala spices, it was still tasty though.
9am breakfast: 2 Alpen light chocolate and orange bars 1 tofee Mullerlight and a banana.

12:30pm Lunch: Iceberg lettuce, 2 tomatos, cucumber, 2 slices of honey-roast ham, celery and a hard-boiled egg.

5pm Dinner: Fresh stir-fry veg with mushrooms, chicken, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and egg noodles.

All day snacks: 1½ Mullerlight, 2 bananas, couscous, 2 coffees with sweetner and milk from allowance (150ml), 1 orange and a 2 finger Kit Kat (5.5 syns)

Comments: I really wasn't looking forward to the stir-fry I was expecting it to be bland but it was really tasty I did add a little tabasco sauce to heat it up a little, I don't know if I should have added any syns for that ...oops, I hope it didn't have any.
Breakfast: Got up too late, plus Chris had eaten the planned breakfast the night before (strawberry Mullerlight and banana) so we decided to go to the butcher and get some eggs and bacon...

Lunch: 3 scrambled eggs and 4 slices of bacon (all visable fat removed) and a fried red onion.

Dinner: Beef steak, sweet potato chips coated in Cajun spices and large mushrooms topped with a slice of tomatoe and a piece of Mozerella

Comments: Dinner was gorgeous! The beef was a little dry and overcooked but the potatos and mushrooms were divine, I will be having that again for sure, maybe with a chicken breast or something next time, cos I wasn't keen on the steak.
8am Breakfast: Mullerlight cranberry yoghurt and ½ grapefruit.

1pm Lunch: Sunday roast: New potatos, peas, carrots, pork shoulder and gravy (3 syns) follwed by Golden syrup cake and low fat custard (about 12 syns?) and a glass of wine (4 syns)

7:30pm Dinner: Slimming World recipe: Butternut squash soup.

All day snacks: 3 carrots and a tiny amount of couscous.

Comments: The wine and pudding were a mother's day treat. The butternut squash soup was lovely, I've never made a soup before so I was very surprised at how well it turned out, even my 6 month old daughter approved, and there was plenty left over for tomorrows dinner.
Even though this week has been fantastic and after just 6 days I've lost over 4lb and never felt hungry I must return to Slim Fast for no reason other than I have 10 tins of the stuff and money is very tight at the moment. I fully intend to return to SW, and hope that when I do my meds will have kicked in enough for me to be able to go to a meeting instead of doing it from home. I wouldn't class SW as a "diet" it's a change of lifestyle and one I fully intend to take but for now I must use up all the "diet" stuff I have in the house and organise my finances.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my queries about SW. I wish you all the best of luck and I'll see you again soon :wave_cry:

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