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Focusing when world turned upside down


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My husband has just left me and I am struggling with wondering what is the point of carrying on losing weight. He was supporting me alot with helping with the cooking and now I've got to do everything I don't know if I'll have the time.
Should I leave slimming world until I can sort my life out or should I try to find a way to fit in healthy eating? How do all the other single women or men find time to cook healthy food?
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I'm so sorry to hear that, must be such a difficult time for you x

You've got to do what is right for you I guess, but I can only talk from my experience about how much losing some weight boosts my confidence, and makes me feel happier about myself. I'm single & have managed so far to find some meals I can rustle up in 10 or 15 minutes or so without having to waste too much unused food, by just making sure I plan my meals for the week - and in fact I probably enjoy cooking & eating more at the moment than I did before.

All I can say is just be kind to yourself, and only you know what you really need to do to get yourself through this time, but I hope you can carry on with SW as it looks like you've done so well so far! x


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Im sorry, I'm saying go to class, use the support and friends. Make new friends. Invite friends round for company. Leaving plan will only make you feel worse ,you should be being healthy for you not him. And when you've lost weight, think how proud you'll be. Think how stupid he will feel. He probably thinks you'll give up, well that would make me more determined. I've been there after 23 years, wore the t shirt of tears out. But there is life after a breakup. And hopefully like me,a new Mr wonderful x


So sorry that your husband has left you. You must be feeling terrible at the moment. However, I do think you'll feel even more terrible if you give up on yourself as well!

Keep at it with the Healthy Eating plan. If time is short just try to keep it simple.
Stir fries are great. Tasty and only take 10 mins to cook up. Or fish / meat grilled (with or without spices sprinkled on) with small amount of wedges or new potatoes or couscous and some veg.

Look after yourself as if you were looking after your best friend or daughter at this time. xx
The freezer is your friend. Make things for 4 and portion it out into freezer bags so that you only cook on the evenings when you have the most time.

It takes time to buy and prepare rubbish food as well you know.


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Hi, sorry about your relationship, its always a difficult time and you need to be kinder to yourself. I am single, work full time, am studying and do find the time to eat the SW way. The key for me is being organised, when I cook I make enough to freeze and always have lots of fruit and veg available for picking at. If I am tired in the evening and want something quick I will do a cooked breakfast (sw) or raid the freezer. At weeekends I batch cook. Is your concern about cooking for yourself due to time, or cooking skills?

I agree with previous posts, you need the support of group, and if you stick with it you will feel better as your doing something positive at a time when you are feeling very negative, and upset. I wish you well and if you need a place to vent and get support this site will be there for you.


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I also think you should continue to go to group.
As for not having time, are you planning on never cooking or eating? Because you must do these things anyway why not do it the right way?
The way to stay on track is to plan, plan, plan!

I don't know what your work pattern is or whatever but you do have time off, try giving a morning to do some cooking, a batch of soup will probably do you for lunch for four days, and the same with a Ragu base with mince onions garlic and tomatoes, then you can change it to chilli/bolognase or whatever.
When I par boil potatoes for chips I do double and stick half in a zip lock bag in the freezer, how quick will it be to make egg chips tomatoes and mushrooms when you get home?
I do the same with new potatoes as these are lovely roasted.
BNS will keep a good few days after being peeled and chopped and stored in the fridge.
There are hundreds of tips on here and lots of support.

If you give up you're telling yourself you have no control over any part of your life and that just isn't true, be strong and take control of you!


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So sorry to hear about your situation hon. I've gone through very much the same, having not long since come out of a 4 year relationship. We both joined SW together and my first thought when we split was to quit but once I moved out I had a "Why the heck should I" moment, as I was loving the food, loving the new slimmer me, and had actually been losing the weight for me and not him.

So I found the nearest group to my new home and have been going there the last 2 months and its a godsend for me! It gives me one evening where I am not at home on my own and I've met some great people who it's nice to have a good natter to at group. So my advice would be, keep going to class.

Food wise then I tend to do some batch cooking every now and again to stock up the freezer and keep other quick things in there such as fish, steak and frozen veg - easy to then throw some SW chips in the oven with something for a quick meal :)

I've not always found it easy, and I've gone off plan a few times BUT overall, I'm still losing weight and my confidence is starting to soar - and that's just what YOU need to! Keep with it, for YOU!