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Follow your heart, or do what makes more logical sence long term?

Sounds like a cop out answer but it realy depends what I'm making a decision about !!
We have just bought a new laptop and spent days agonizing over which one to get, what suited our needs now and in the future and what was within our price bracket, if i had been buying a t shirt i'd have followed my heart and just got one in every colour!!


Nojo on the YoYo
I sense this is an underlying OH post? Hun, if you're asking (relative) strangers on a message board, I think you answered your own question...
No no, its not with my OH, although i can see where you got that from, where strong as a rock, no problem there.

Its my job, my career path and what the future could hold in either one. One is long and difficult, unrewarding and wouldnt be suitable when i start my own family, but i love the actual practical side of it, and the other is a safe, rewarding and enjoyable job, but money isnt that great but would be better long term and in the future, but means stepping away from what iv worked so hard to gain at the mo.

thats a bit rambely, makes no sence! lol

one is logical & will still be enjoyable, and the other is deep down what i love, but i dont love what it comes with.


Nojo on the YoYo
Ahhh right well in that case if money's no object, go with what makes you happy.

If money IS an object, then go with what you can afford to do, because sounds as though both options are pretty do-able?
IMO, you spend a huge amount of your life working and it should be as enjoyable as possible. Money is not everything hun, I know it makes things better and easier but it does not make you happy. I've been there
I gave up a very well paid job because I wasn't happy and started again on a lower wage but was happier.

Yes, head should rule heart but when it comes to work, I've always believed you should be happy in your job if it's at all possible. You are very young yet Fern, you can change career in a few years if that's what you are thinking.
Money isnt so much of an object, as my Oh earns very well and will continue to better as the years go by, but i like to feel im contributing somthing decent.
I know i have lots of time, but i hate the thought of wasting time.. and its not just me i have to think about, its my relationship too.
I think i know deep down what will be better for me long term, but im struggling to find it in myself to follow it through, and i can't indentify what the problem is. Is it my heart telling me im being silly, or is it embarressment of working so hard and then realising its not what i want anymore? or is it the over all embaressment of feeling lost? - plus OH is away untill tomorrow, so i ahve no one to confer with! so im relying on you lovley ladies to give me some words of wisdom to work with in the mean time. x
Probably all of the above, you know what, I think you already know what you want hun. It's just doing it that's hard. That's the head and heart bit.

I feel for you Fern. Hope you work it out, at least OH is back tomorrow. x


Nojo on the YoYo
Do what's best for you in the long run. Nowt sucks like being stuck in a job that you realise makes you miserable babe.

Hope you sort it. xx
I think your right. Oh my. What a big step.. feeling very scared, but lifes never simple or easy.. and its scary at times. Time to find myself again i guess.

Thanks girls ((hugs))

damn you OH, look what happens when you leave!!!
I gave up a well paid job that I worked so hard for to go back to uni and do my nursing training. Was the best decision I ever made. At the time, 4 years at uni with 3 kids and me being the main wage earner dropping to a bursery was a huge decision, but my job enjoyment more than makes up for that. I'd say follow your heart hun.

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