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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by pinkbuttons, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pinkbuttons

    pinkbuttons Full Member

    hi there, is any one doing the new simple start ... i have been doin it this week and i like it,,,i feel great,,,looking forward to the scales xx;)
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  3. stace77

    stace77 Full Member

    Hi, i started simple start on thursday and so far so good, it doesnt "feel" like a diet, but that scares me a little, thinking, what if i dont get a loss!?
    Anyway the scales will give me the answer next week.
    Goodluck on your journey pinkbuttons! X
  4. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member

    I started this saturday and have enjoyed it so far. However i feel like i'm eating too much bread and carbs.

    Yesterday i had crumpets with butter for breakfast (1treat), 2 sandwich thins with ham and beetroot and a 0pp vegetable soup for dinner and spag bol for tea.

    Hopefully this will work for my as i'm finding it quite easy, i'll let you know how i get on after weigh in saturday x
  5. stace77

    stace77 Full Member

    Good luck lulu, do let us know how you go on with your weigh in on sat! X
  6. Jenni masters

    Jenni masters Full Member

    Hi I'm thinking if starting simple starts as so many people are doing great on it, but I'm worried about my portion control and also the fact how much carbs you can eat? Seems crazy

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb
    9/1/14. 15st 1lb (-1lb)
  7. stace77

    stace77 Full Member

    Hi jenni, ive took the 'plunge' , i too struggle with portion control, and worry am i eating too much, carb wise, my evening meals are such as chilli but with cauliflower rice, or swede cut in to chunks, tonight is beef casserole, with lots of chunky carrots and broccoli. I know if i have carb heavy dinners the scales are not very kind to me! I way in tomorrow night, so i'll keep you all posted. Good luck!
  8. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member

    Today has been a nightmare! I think its quite restrictive without then weeklies and i just couldnt think what to have for tea so ended up with a meal totally off the plan. It would be ok on points though think i'm going to go back to points tomorrow i dont want a gain on my first week.

    However i have planned my lunch for tomorrow so may give it one more day. Hows everyone else getting on? X
  9. stace77

    stace77 Full Member

    Hey lulu, if your meal would have been ok points wise, i really wouldnt beat yourself up to much about it, its only one meal. Tomorrows a new day xx
  10. Jenni masters

    Jenni masters Full Member

    Hi thank you I didn't think of just not eating them lol can still have all the other free stuff, I just saw you could eat bread and crumpets so I did lol, hope your wi was ok?

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb
    9/1/14. 15st 1lb (-1lb)
    15/1/14. 15st. (-1lb)
  11. stace77

    stace77 Full Member

    Well ive lost 2 1/2lb on simple start this week. Decided to do good old propoints from tomorrow, bring it on!

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