Following my dreams and losing my ass!

Queen B

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Allow me to introduce myself, you can call me B, all my friends do. I'm 25 years old and live in Rotherham.

Well, here's the part where i'm meant to tell you some sob story about how I arrived at 23 stone 4lbs. Sorry to disappoint but I don't have one. I'm fat because I made a choice to be lazy and eat too much, just like how now i'm making the choice to change that.

Last year I made some progress, I got down from 23 st 4lbs to the 21 st 8lbs I am now. But then I stalled, luckily I didn't gain it all back, but I'm ready to continue my journey again now. And this time I have a reason to lose the weight. I guess i've always been quite direction-less when it comes to my career. I've always been an academic kind of person, I studied Law at Sheffield Uni and got a 2.1, but I graduated in 2008, right into the height of the recession, and was temping for 2 years before I finally found my current job in an insurance company. I love it here, the people are great, the work is varied, but it doesn't set my soul alight or anything.

After splitting up with my fiancée of 5.5 years back in August last year I've feel like I need an adventure. I need a job which is more than a job and will allow me to see the world. So i've decided to join the RAF and train to be an air traffic controller. Don't worry, it wasn't a rash decision, and I still have a great deal of time to consider if its the right thing for me before I even apply. But, and this time it's a huge size 22 butt, in order to join the RAF my BMI needs to be 27 or under, that's around 13.5st for me (i'm tall at 5ft 9). So yeah, I need to lose 8 stone in order to apply for my dream job. And i don't just need to lose the weight, I need to be physically fit enough to pass the fitness tests.

So yeah, I have a huge challenge ahead of me. What's more, i'm going to do it. I've never been more certain about anything in my life.

I started a week ago weighing in at 21st 8lbs, my first trip to the scales is tomorrow morning. I must admit i'm kind of nervous. But i've eaten a balanced diet, exercised lots ( 4 x's swimming, 1 x's gym, 2x's long walks). I know i've lost something, I'm just curious as to how much.

I like writing my thoughts down here, helps me to reflect on things. The size of the journey I have before me is quite daunting, so I'd appreciate the support of this place.

The funny thing is, once i've lost 8 stone and got fit enough, I have to actually pass an interview. And it's a bloody good job, starting salary of 32k, so they won't hire just anyone. whilst doing the physical stuff and getting the weight off I need to learn everything possible about aviation! 2011 is going to be one tough year, but also the best year of my life! :)

Right, i'd better get some shut eye! I've booked this week off work, but I still plan on a nice early start for the gym and the dreaded scales!

B x
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Queen B

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Thanks Flowers :) All the best to you too!

Well my first weigh in was great, down 8lbs!! so i'm dead on 21st (actually it was 20st 11.8lbs but i'm rounding up, lol).

Hit the gym again for an hour first thing this morning, came home and made a stew for tea (chicken, leeks, carrots, swede, onion, garlic, herbs - yumyum!) and i'm just about to go on a walk with my mum and dad for a bit this afternoon (mum booked the week off too, and dad works from home). Then this evening hopefully will be seeing my friend natalie for a bit, all in all a really nice day :)


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Well done Queen B. If you are determined you will do this. I'll watch your journey with interest. x


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Gosh well done u keep it up xxxxxxx you can do it xxxxx

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You sound totally focused and determined, can't wait to see you do it. I am sure you are going to do really, really well.


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awww thats brilliant! im sure you'll manage to lose weight, actually it seems you already are! iv come to learn determination is what gets you through so make sure your determined :) also i would say drink lots of water.. it really helps! doesnt make you feel as hungry but more importantly it helps you feel healthy (its bound to) and helps tiredness and helps you be more positive, well it has done for me anywayz! :D good luck with the losing weight process! just remember you CAN do it even if you keep telling yourself you cant!


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what a fantastic start! good luck on your weight loss journey!

Queen B

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thanks guys :) seeing how well you are all doing is really inspirational to me, you should be so proud of yourselves, looking at some of those tickers I was in awe - well done!

Week 2 is going well so far, just got back from the gym, did a circuit on the weights and then cycled 6km (took about 30 mins), had a bit of a go at running on the treadmill too, but at this weight it really is hard. i dont want to do anything too high impact like running early on in my training until i get some of the weight off, but i'll keep maybe doing 5 mins or something everytime i hit the gym, just so i get a bit more used to it. in order to get into the forces i need to be able to do 2.4km in 11mins 38 seconds, atm that seems impossible, but i'll get their!

right my stew has just finished so im gonna go and get that. off to asda this afternoon to get the weekly shop and then tonight is swimming and aqua aerobics! im meant to be going with my friend hannah but shes sick atm, hopefully shes well enough to go tonight. i dont know about you but i always find working out with someone else much more enjoyable than on my own!