Fomage Fraise ideas please!


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I use it in my home made curries, right at the end and with the heat turned right down so it wont curdle.


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You could make a dip.. :D


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Add an options sachet and serve over fruit.
Use with curry powder or herbs and spices of your choice to marinade meat and poultry.
Make egg custard using ff instead of milk.

Can't think of anything else yet.

Hope that helps



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I posted 10 things to do with fromage frais on a thread in the recipe sub-forum the other day.


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could u please tell me how to find the thread, i'm a bit new you see LOL


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Chicken tandoori or pork tandoori using tandoori spices and fromage frais and make a marinade then bake or grill or if you get to summer, barbeque.