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food and the naughty desire


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was so bad on the way home, I was walking alone and everything was screaming, no on is looking, your haven't lost a pound since your weigh in, try me!!!!

i had to walk through marks screaming one side, pret the other and by all the amightly I wanted to remember what food taste like.

I got home had a shake but its all I think about. Food.

Please tell me how horrible it feels to have food.
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
beilive me, food is not worth it! just had a small bit of dinner and feel so sick! my stomach feels...i dunno weird lol and its just making me feel crap and i wish i hadnt! xx


Only a few more pounds...
S: 13st3lb C: 8st11lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 24 Loss: 4st6lb(33.51%)
first of all, pret is minging! and overly expensive! marks ahhh well...lol depends really but food is always gonna be there whether ur on the diet or not so it will not go away. my councellor always tells me that food is forever and this diet isnt, so with that said, look forward to losing the weight and how u will feel...once u do, the food u thought u once loved will still be there anyway! do something that takes ur mind off food, clean, drink water, sleep, you'll feel better in the end...ur only human and i know what ur going through...u dont wanna fall of the waggon trust me!!! its much harder getting back on! Good luck!


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My boyfriend had a pizza the other night and has been suffering from cramps and bloating since.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
has anyone ever eaten anything on ss even a small thing like i did and put weight on? i didnt have any carbs as i know thats what brings me outta ketosis but will it be ok? i just feel SO bad about it! not that i caved in, just was worried bout not having enough energy for tomoz xx


Only a few more pounds...
S: 13st3lb C: 8st11lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 24 Loss: 4st6lb(33.51%)
well i had carbs over the weekend and still lost. I had spaghetti..carrotts, garlic bread...and at my weigh in i still lost 1lb...annoyed with myself after but everytime ive eaten and gotten weighed, i am expecting a small loss, not greater ones like before...but it all depends, diff ppl, diff body types, metabolism rates etc...
its so hard isn't it! I didn't realise how much strength it takes to just walk away and pretend its not there. After 9 days I am having a fat day - lord knows how as I haven't been bad, stuck to the regime and I am sitting here looking at my tummy thinking I look awful, what must I have looked like last week. :)

I have been using the scales to really motivate me and since weigh in I have not lose a pound, which is so werid considering I just don't eat anything but my shakes.

I feel so crapy I fancy a large wine (which is prob worse than wanting pret or m&S).

Thanks for the feedback ladies, I will keep saying to myself food is not worth it!

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