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Food on Weigh In Day

Right then, i am interested in how you plan your day if you have a late afternoon or evening weigh in.

who out there starves themselves that day and who eats as per plan right up to weigh in?

I have weigh in at about 5pm and i have just been ut for lunch with my 2 dd's and had a large jacket potato and baked beans.

Its my first week and i think i may now sts as i have eaten quite a big lunch.
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My weigh ins are at 1830 on Tuesday, although sadly I am unable to make tonights :(

I have usual brekky when I get up, and lunch about 12 ish. Then I don't eat anything else before WI.

I drink as normal until about 1600 then have nothing else until WI.

I normally take some squash with me, and sometimes a HiFi bar or something with me to have as soon as I have WI'd. I stay for the entire meetings btw.

Whatever you do the first week, so long as you are consistent you will have an accurate weight loss each week.

If the first week you starve yourself all day, A-it is VERY unhealthy for you and more or less the REVERSE of what SW teaches, and B-you will have to continue to do that from then on.

If on the other hand, you have a good/full brekky and lunch like any other day, it may make your first WI slightly heavier, but all following WIs will be accurate, and of course you will have eaten healthily all day too. Win Win!

Best of luck with your WI :)
I don't starve myself, but have a 'normal' brekkie - usually grapefruit and cereal with yogurt, then soup for lunch with a muller light and some more fruit. Then I don't have tea until after WI - as it's usually about 8pm I'll just have beans on toast or an omelette. Wednesday is definitely the day I eat the least, but it's more to do with work/time of group than trying to eat less!


Gin and tonic please!
My WI is at 5:30, I try not to have anything that would make me feel a bit bloated like pasta or bread, so usually have my big bowl of fruit with yogurt for breakfast, soup for lunch with some veg to nibble on, more fruit and drink peppermint/green tea.
I'll take along a couple of alpen light bars or a hifi bar to snack on AFTER being weighed (like it makes a difference!) and then just have poached eggs or leftovers when I get home. Last night I had a celebratory SW knickerbocker glory :D
I weigh in at 6pm on Thursdays, I try to eat light meals, prob scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast then maybe soup for lunch, and I don't drink after 4pm. After I've weighed in I stay for image therapy and have a cuppa and hi fi bar there, then a decent meal when I get home! I try and avoid pasta and potatoes as I imagine they'll make me weigh heavy.
I usually eat porridge or weetabix for breakfast and then have a light lunch. I WI at 5.30 and don't eat or drink after 2.30.

Today though, I had a huge cooked breakfast at 10am and I doubt I'll have anything else as I'm still full. I'll make a cuppa in a minute and then that's it.

I do eat less on a WI day but I don't starve myself really.
i eat as normal, but have lighter foods! for eg i wouldnt have a jacket spud and beans at lunch, i would probably have a sandwich instead....thats probably me being silly, but its what ive been doing the last month!

I used to starve all day as I weighed in at evenings, but felt so deprived i vowed not to do it this time round - and so I have been really good and eaten as normal on weigh days! a totally new concept!

I try to eat 'lighter' foods on my weigh in day, I have gotten myself into a trap where I now feel I can't eat a jacket potato and beans for lunch because it's too 'heavy' :p. Sad I know but it's a habit and I wish I hadn't started doing it now.
I have thought for a while now I should bite the bullet and just eat what I like on weigh in day and if I gain I gain, the next week would even itself out. Trouble is my weight loss has been up and down recently and I think another gain might make me want to go off plan.
I agree with laddiesboy as long as you are consistent with what you eat on weigh in day it doesn't really matter.
My WI is at 7pm, so evening meal is usually after. However, I eat 'normally' all day. I leave to walk to WI at about 6pm (I like to give myself plenty of time, and I like getting there early) and I usually have a drink before I leave home (I'm addicted to tea, I couldn't imagine not drinking for a few HOURS!!!). That's how I've always done it. I can't say about potatoes or pasta making a difference, as I'm usually on red days (too tight to waste a hex b on potato. Especially if there's a Hi-fi on offer!).

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