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Just wanted to know how you guys deal with the 'desire' to EAT? Like having all your shakes and bars means that your not hungry but sometimes u still get thoughts of food in your head right? What do u do to keep your mind of food....? I try to think about my goal and how I will look after but sometimes i wonder if that is possible..like will i ever be slim?? Guess we'll have to wait and see.........

xxx Sarah xxxx
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It might sound silly but I used to repeat over and over in my head "I want to be thin more than I want to eat" until the craving passed. I found saying that to myself enough actually made me really believe it and somehow the cravings passed. Also, try thinking about how you would feel after eating it.

Cravings are a tough one though!!

Hi east_star,

what keeps me going is the end prize (being slimmer) Sometimes if i feel hungry I will just log on here and see who's around and have a look at other people's pics for motaviation!
With the food I just try and have my soup shake at the same time familly is having there food so i dont feel like im missing out, sometimes i will go to another room but most of the time it doesnt bother me unless its something really yummy!!! :)
My mind is terribly suggestible, watching an advert or tv prog or reading a book where someone is eating X makes me obsess over it for a while. But I think about why I am doing this and how annoyed I would be if I messed up X number of days and it usually passes.....eventually!
Some great advice .. tnx hunnies. Porgeous.. that talking in your head thing..lolz I've found out that I have started to do it alot now since I started this diet!! xx


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I keep a stash of food that is for aam in the fridge, if I get really bad, then I have a stick of celery or a small piece of cucumber, it helps knowing that I have it in the fridge, even if I don't actually eat it. I've banned chocolate and crisps and all the stuff I would go for from the house, the only thing that's there that I would kill for is bread. OMG bread, I could sooooooo eat a slice of it right now, but I won't, cos I want to be slimmer rather than taste bread.

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