For all going to the conference... post conference meet up...


Cambridge Counsellor
I've posted this on cambridgedieters, but it's only just occured to me to post it here! Hope it's not too late...

A few of us have decided to meet up after the conference on Saturday 2nd.
All are welcome, so, if anyone's interested we're all going to meet here:

I know this place pretty well, and it's really nice. It's about five miles away from the conference.

We'll probably all wind up there by 5.30pm-ish, as I understand the conference is finishing around 4.30pm-5pm.
We'll meet up for drinks, chatting, etc, and can eat there too if everyone wants to. Afterwards, those who want to go home, back to hotels, whatever, can do, and those who want to go dancing (Debs, me and possibly Jem, at the moment!) can make their way to Cov centre where I know the best places to go.

Hope that's okay with everyone. If anyone wants hotel suggestions or directions to The Elms (which is dead easy, as it's just off the A45), just ask.


Jo x
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