For all those not losing weight fast enough for their liking.....


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..... Read this thread

Spot how many of these naughty little tweaks you do, and cut some (or all) of them out.

This is a fab thread, it shows we are all human, even those who are super duper good still have a little tweak!

So, next time you are wondering where you went wrong and that "only a pound" isn't enough - perhaps the answer is in this honest thread :D
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I am one of the 63336
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Very true. I know I haven't posted any tweaks as they've all been covered in that thread but so many of them hit home.

Well done on all your honesty people xx


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reading this thread has made me relise how bad i am gonna be good next week i think and see how i do anyone want to join me in a synners reformed week lol


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It has opened my eyes to the things we all do! I'm suprised how many have normal sized bread and don't weigh HEX's, or cut fat off.

I think one of the biggest things is not measuring milk, seems many of us are guilty of this one. I did measure mine a few weeks back and didn't use a HEX's worth, yet I always use it as my A choice!

I bet we'd all be at Target so much sooner if we didn't do our little tweaks :)


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Well said, Jaylou! Guilty as charged
We should call it was it is too - I am not 'tweaking' I am CHEATING- giving it a nice name doesn't make it ok, does it!

Once I started writing them down and reading other people's, I realised how many 'extras' have crept it- time for a bit of back to basics for me