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for Judi mac


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
Hey, sorry to butt in but i had the same problem some time ago but this weeks menu ive wrote down i can only think of three different breakfast ideas, and all depends if you work or not as i dont so i can use the cooker.

Omelette, with mushrooms bacon tomato either with baked beans or speghitti in tomato sauce

blt sandwich, syn free sausage with egg sandwich (use your heb then)

egg, beans on toast

bacon egg beans sausage mushrooms tomatos

thats all i can think off and of course syn cereal.

i tend to use my hexa on omlette and pasta in the day and i use cheese unless its cereal for milk and as for B's i either have hifi bar at night (Chocie fix) or crackerbread or 3x ww danish brown.

hope this helps and good luck


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi lisa , no luck this time so have do redo therey so hopefully next time thankyou for asking . wi didnt go my way either but i blame mother nature and my c' scales so think i am going to do sw indepentantly . Just go to class and get bars etc
lisa do you weigh yourself once a month or at class weekly ?
Ah sorry :( There's always next time! (I passed...3rd time!!)

Yes I go to class & weigh-in every week. I have decent Salter scales at home but if I was to weigh 5 times each time would be totally different, it drives me nuts! Got to say I gained 0.5 this wk & didnt believe it but I do think the scales are more accurate than others, maybe I was standing on them funny...:sigh: (Im making excuses really)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Comis on the DT, but get straight back in and you'll pass on your re-test.

I'm a really boring breakfast person during the week!

All-bran with VLF fromage frais (saves the HEA as I have herbal tea) sometimes add blueberries (frozen ones are good value)
Ditto with Weetabix crunchy bran, altho if I haven't had my heb I sometimes have it at night for something to pick at in front of the tv as it's quite sweet, and of course crunchy.
I have a couple of omeletes in the week as they're so quick.
Saturday I usually have yoghurt and fruit (creature of habit!)
Sunday there is always bacon on the menu, either in a wholemeal bun or as a full English! Usually have that for brunch, and it HAS to include sausages! Luckily we have a butcher thats got SW free sausages! I can't bear the morrisons ones!

Hebs are abit of a downfall of mine really! Tho I'm trying to include them. Hi-fi bars I have as breakfast on WI day. I mainly use the rolls, (morrisons soft wholemeal rolls 50g are 20p for 6 at the mo!) and the cereals, but to be honest if I don't fancy the above I will use some EV olive oil instead of the frylight, and things do taste alot better!
DON'T be frightened of EE! I've lost all my weight on it! I like the "don't have to think" element of it! The only thing you have to watch is that your portion sizes are reasonable, but it's just what it says on the tin! Good luck!
Judimac - do you find having a hi-fi bar for breakfast on weigh in day makes a positive difference? As opposed to having something like cereal which uses an A & B choice..!?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I eat it because it doesn't weigh much :rolleyes:, so I eat the same weight of food and wear the same clothes ;)

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