for one day only!!!


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Well its my birthday tomorrow (21 again......I wish )and i am going to eat.
It is tradition to have HArvester meals for bdays in my family and i am not gonna miss out this year. Its my reward for being good.
I know i am strong enough to get straight back to get right back on track saturday and if i eat sensibly and miss out on the fabulous lemon blizzard desert i will be fine. If i tay the same this week i am happy with that knowing that i had a good day.
So wish me luck and i hope i can abstain from the desert menu.
Be good all

Hi Lynjo
Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
If you make sensible choices - chicken caesar salad minus the croutons and cheese, roast chicken dinner minus potatoes and stuffing, tuna or cottage cheese salad etc etc you can even stay in ketosis.

Hope you have a lovely day, meal and get all you want.
I'm sure you deserve a treat after all this dieting. You're nearly on your last stone so the real life food situation will be hitting you very soon, dipping your toe in the water now will let you know what's in store.
Have a lovely birthday, and after dieting so long you probably won't have room left for a dessert even if you do fancy it!
Have a wonderful dinner. And as a birthday treat, you are not allowed to feel guilty.