Back for one more try

I think that's what you have to do isn't it, just make the best choices you can at any given time. Its impossible to be in control of your food 100% of the time which is why I have been disheartened with SW before. I'd feel like giving up if I had to go off plan, whereas now I'm telling myself I am on plan and just making the best choices I can. At home I'm being super careful and having 7 syns and under everyday - so that if I do end up eating out of the house I have a bit of leeway.

That's amazing that you've seen such differences with only 10/15 minutes of Pilates. Just goes to show that keeping it at is what makes the difference, not going in too hard and giving up because its too hard!

As predicted I'm already half a pound up with bloat, even though my food has been 100% on point. Frustrating but thats a woman's body for you, we work month by month not week by week as slimming world would like!
Good idea to give yourself a bit of wiggle room with the syn, so if you go out you have plenty in hand to cover anything consumed off plan.

At the start of my exercise is was super hard but I didn't give in tried my best. Then I started to see results. Not only me but other saw a change in how I walked for starters.

Oh the joys of being a woman, holding on to water if these is going to be a drought. I gained 2lb last week despite being on plan 100% so I know exactly how you are feeling. I find it difficult if I have gained yet not done anything wrong but I try my best not to get too disappointed and self sabotage
Yea it’s demoralising when that happens. I use the app happy scale which I find really useful as fluctuations are normal and as long as it shows a general downward trend I’m happy.

bizarrely I weighed myself this morning and I was 3lbs lighter! I can’t think why. I expect it was a fluke and I am not expecting it to stay off!
never heard of happy scale app we (me and hubby we are doing slimming world together) use an app monitor your weight. It is simple to use and you can put multiple people on. So i just put mine and hubbys weight. I have used it since last October. I know weighing yourself every day is no recommended but it allows me to nip it in the bud if the trend is going upwards rather than downwards. Hopefully no fluke the 3lb off this last weigh in. Lets hope than on official weigh day it stays the same or even lose more weight.