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For people who mostly do red days

Hi everyone :)

Hope you are all well.

I am having a bit of a dilemma..... I usually do red days, but they are getting a bit boring, and I really want to try a green day but I am worried. I used to diet before SW and cutting out all carbs like potato and pasta would help me to loose weight, so to any of you red day people who have tried green, how does it affect you?? Do you have a good or bad week on the scales? Any other side effects? or would you recommend dropping a green day in a red week?

Any advice much appreciated :) xxxxx
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I will succeed!!!
Hiya -

I usually do more red than green, but this month has been bad money wise so had all green since holiday to save some money :)

I had 4 days to catch back from a weeks holiday off SW plan and did it on green - still got a loss. And had a loss last week too. STS this week but that's not SW plan fault but mine! Not been 100% on it.

So yeah, been ok for me - just keep the SS foods going and such and should be ok xxx
I'm definatley a reddy too!

I only have one or two Green days a week, and i now alternate with EE, so would prob only have 1 Green.

If i eat Green for the 7 days i only lose a lb or two and if i do red all week or with one or two green i tend to lose 3 or more.

Don;t go by my stats at the bottom though - i've done SW before and this time i've had a very dodgy start - all self inflicted! xx
I used to be a red girl, because I'd lost weigh previously by cutting down on carbs (Atkins). But I started getting a bit bored too, and wanting some pasta and potatoes...and I thought to myself, if SW green days are used successfully by other people, why not me! So I started introducing them gradually and doing the odd one or two.

Now I do mostly green and the odd red. I'm a slow loser anyway but I can honestly say I've not noticed a difference in my losses - it doesn't matter which plan I stick to, as long as I honestly stick with The Plan, I lose :)

You need to try a couple of days and see how your body reacts. Some people do bloat on carb days, but then if they persist they find their bodies settle down.

I'm now at the stage where I'm gradually introducing a few EE days. I'm a bit nervous of mixing carbs and protein...but I've done a few odd EE days and so far so good.


Slow but sure....
I do usually do 5 red days and 2 green days, but some weeks I do all red and I have to admit that I do have a bigger loss when I do all red days.

But, I have been lucky to have had a loss for the last 10 weeks, so I am happy doing both really.
i mostly do green, with a few extra easy and i dont hink this has affected my weight loss lmao!! ive lost 2stone 2lbs in 10 weeks, and its my weigh in tonite( oh dear) hehehe
laura xx
Hey hun,

Like Hellie and yourself, i lost over 8 stones on the Atkins diet over 5 years ago so never have been a big carb eater since.

I do mainly red with 1 or 2 green days thrown in just so i can have a fix of pasta or rice. I still have new potato's or jacket spuds on red as my HEB's but they are only small amounts. Its the pasta and rice i often crave.

It doesnt make any difference to my losses and i actually did a whole green week whilst in hospital because of the choices of food on offer (easier to eat jacket spud for lunch and dinner every day :p ). I had a great loss that week but the skin being cut off my belly may have contributed to that :p

Apart from that, mixing my green days in with red work fine for me and have no impact on my losses.
Also find with green days that not only do I swell with fluid but the "wind" is dreadful :eek:

Yesterday I made a veg soup with lentils and pasta in it and had it for lunch & dinner, evening in our house was dreadful. And at bedtime I was nearly crying as my tummy so so sore.

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